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    What is the type of connectors X20 / X30 / X21 / X31 / X19 for kuka krc2 cables ?
    Which produces these connectors for kuka? phoenix contact ?
    I want to buy spare connectors without cables.
    Exists chinese close for these connectors ?

    I have a similar application that need detecting torque.
    Is round edge polishing marble like this

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    To achieve good polishing must exist an indicator of force so the force applied by "angle grinder" to be constant.
    How this can be done ?
    By air that has constant pressure ? force sensor ?

    Iam confused which KSS version is this ?

    VKRC V3.3.5
    v3.3.80 B202 (V)KRC1 V3.3/V4.1
    KS V5.74 ?

    operating system is win95 and the system is installed in one delock 4GB IDE Flash memory
    i suppose that is not the original software but installed sometime later with the delock flash
    because hdd was in hdd case mounted but was unconnected.

    Sorry for the idiot question but the robot is far away from me and the only info i have is this screenshot...

    Oscilloscope is a built into KSS (so called trace tool).
    To tune axis one can create program that loops axis between two points. Axis uses two cascaded PI loops. First one need to tune speed controller, then position controller, then measure other parameters like rise time, stop time etc.

    Ok this virtual oscilloscope software i was think real oscilloscope...
    Yes if there is this software in kss you must use this.

    What power/rpm servo you use for rotary table ?

    Fist of all verify the brake of servo motor has been released.
    It needs about 27V to supplied to brake to release.

    After that need pid tuning ( )
    but how an oscilloscope will help with tuning?
    Needs software that shows commanded position actual position following error etc
    to make system critically damped.
    One rough approach is to tube servo motor "by ear" by hearing the noise produce..

    Also because there is high degree mechanical reduction this must defined somewhere
    in kuka software the reducing ratio

    I want to make the same modification.
    Where to solder the other 2 pads of new 4positions switch on kcp pcb ?
    Also other than that change must do some rewiring in the vkrc2 to make it standar krc2 ?

    Yes there are 2 options
    1) repair the ccfl light system by replacing lamps/inverter or both
    You must find if the ccfl lamps are burned or the inverter that supplies these lamps are burned
    But be careful ccfl lamps inverter outputs HIGH lethal voltage about 1200V
    This high voltage can make arc and kill you or make arc and burn completely the kcp


    2) remove completely ccfl lamps & ccfl inverter
    and use led backlight
    something like this…-Monitor/32951587460.html

    Do you have soldering iron multimeter and some electronics experience ?
    If yes you can do it with care on ccfl inverter HIGH LETHAL VOLTAGE.
    This task is trivial for someone with a soldering iron/multimeter & some electronics knowledge

    I have connected 2 different robots to the same krc2
    and i selected from menu help->robot
    it display different runtime for each robot
    but not asked in each case what value will display RDW or krc2.
    I suppose that the robot run time displayed was the RDW
    because if was from value stored in hdd it will be the same.

    What differences have kcp1 from kcp2 ?
    A monitor from kcp1 works on kcp2?
    The differences have the signals(esc circuit & canbus) of kcp2 from kcp1?

    Also can i modify a vkcp2 to kcp2?
    I need to change the inside bridge smd resistor & mode switch(to one that has 4 positions T1/T2/AUTO/AUTO EXT)
    needs something else ?

    I plan to use 11kw motor with 30cm cutting disk with 11kw inverter for modify rpm.
    I think 22kw is too much one gantry cnc cutting machine we have has 15kw and one other has 18.5kw.

    What cam that ouputs krl you use for simple cutting operations with disk?

    I see that you use kr200l170 to cut granite.
    I have got a kr180 & kr150 for cutting marble 2-3cm.
    Is that payload enough for cutting marble?
    How many kw is your cutting motor what rpm and what is cutting disk diameter?

    i have some sdram pc133 modules i think 256mb or 512mb per module.
    The procedure is to install winxp embedded and after that kss v5 ?
    Can kss v5 work with old krc2 mfc2 & dse-ibs or must replace these cards with newer ?