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    I have KR150/KR180/KR210 and 2 motors 22kw-100kg-2300rpm/12.5kw-70kg-2000rpm.

    I want to put cutting disk in motors and mount motors to robots.

    Will KR210 have problem with 100kg or 70kg motor mounted to the wrist ?

    I have read that krc2 ed05 does not have problem with the size of code files..

    I want the robot for milling and the codes are big in size.

    So i have read the krc2 has problem with big code files but krc2ed05 is ok.

    This is the reason why iam searching for krc2ed05.

    If i want used krc2ed05 cabinets with or without problem(if has problem i can fix it)

    where can i find in europe at good prices?

    I know that..

    I have updated the celeron cpu with PIII tualatin 1.4ghz & 1.5gb ram

    I have installed in ssd (ata to sata adapter) win xp emdebed sp1 with kss 5.4.7 and works

    but this is kss 5.4.7 not kss ed05.

    I ask for ed05.

    Where can i find in europe used complete krc2ed05 in good prices

    (also with faults i know to do electronics repairing)

    Do you know where the prices are for used krc2 ed05 complete controllers?


    What is needed to convert a krc2 robot to krc2ed05.

    If i change whole kpc with kpc ed05 is ok or needs and other modifications?


    ABS is like STD but also it is calibrated with laser (could of data points for automatic corrections) this can be done on site too, after robot is delivered.

    there is company not far from me that specializes in waterjet cutting. they areboth integrator and manufacturing facility using their own products. all of their robots are mounted slightly tilted (10deg) and then calibrated in field.

    I have an abs robot without it's paired krc2 only the robot

    can i use it with a simple krc2?

    abs calibration stored in rdw2 or in krc2 ?

    Which axis is tilted 10 degrees ? Have you a photo to understand ?

    A simple kr150 can work as waterjet?

    I mean have enough protection against rust-corrosion from water ?


    Can someone with krc2 report the ram chips that use the memory modules of kpc2 ?

    Not the code of whole ram module only the code of the 8 memory chips that has the module.

    Iam interrested for 256mb & 512mb modules chip codes.


    The bios has been modified in a manner that has functions disabled because specific

    interrupts to cpu kill real time performance.

    For example the custom bios has sound/usb/power managment functions disabled.

    The custom bios does not have altered functionality only certain function & peripherals disabled.

    "custom" has to do with configuration only.

    In preempt-rt linux kernel with power managment/cpu throttling functions enabled in bios real time performance drops significantly so the best jitter is with these function/peripherals disabled.

    Also when you isolate real time functions to specific cpu core (with configuration of kernel)

    and all other general pc functions to other cores jitter is very low.

    I have a system with atom J4150 with linux preempt-rt kernel that has uptime more than 6 months without reboot without shutdown.

    linux is far more reliable and stable and needs less resources than windows for this reason is the first choice in servers, supercomputers and embedded systems. For embedded systems there is special preempt-rt kernel that makes a typical general pc real time.

    When kuka started producing robots before 20+ years ago preempt-rt does not exist but today many things have changed..

    Iam sure if they started to develop a robot controller today first choice will be linux with preempt-rt kernel.

    OK i got it that makes sense.

    But the cheap and easy way is linux preempt-rt kernel & linux.

    With this kernel a motherboard that costs 100eur for example intel atom with some configuration can give servo thread jitter < 50uS .

    So for only 200eur you can get a full generic pc that is real time with servo thread < 50uS.

    I have found already the siemens product catalog 1FK6 i know the naming code of siemens (in the naming code are not all documented)

    But I have not found specific datasheets for kuka motors neither in siemens or kuka web sites.

    Application is to use kuka-siemens servomotors with generic servo drive and to setup this drive need all the characteristics of motor.
    Maybe this data can obtained from some kuka robots configuration files (MADA files)?

    Ok for the pinout but if i want all technical data of motor

    for example number of poles/frequency/inertia/back emf

    where can i find kuka servomotors datasheets?

    Siemens manuals/datasheets have similar models but no models especially

    produced for kuka robots.

    For example if i search in google siemens 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09

    i did not find something.