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    Roboguide does however provide a small doorway to an external communication link through OPC. At the bottom of the cell browser tree theres an object called external devices. Here you can make custom connections to an opc server thus bridging the gap from di/do gi/go to anything on the outside that can be an opc client.

    This is what I'm testing in these days.
    I have strange behaviours with DI/DO/GI/GO, because a lot of them are not passed properly to the OPC server: it's like some of the bits are randomly written. I have not understood yet the logic or the cause of that.

    A partial solution I found is using BGLogic to copy all DOs to registers R, and pass these registers to the OPC server instead of DO/GO.
    In this way all the outputs are passed correctly to OPC.
    But I still have problems with DI/GI, because I can't write DI using R.

    What rack/slot configuration should I use?

    I have a question about I/O under Roboguide.

    Does the tool named "External I/O Connection" overwrite the rack/slot settings?

    I want to use a OPC server as I/O partner for Roboguide, but I can't find information about its configuration.

    Hello to everybody,
    I'm trying to connect a PLC simulator to Roboguide.

    I followed the indications collected in this forum, using KepServerEx as a connection between the two systems.
    I successfully managed to write robot DI and R, but there is no way to read properly DO or R from it.

    Do outputs need a different configuration or a different channel?

    I have a R-30ib Mate controller and I need to connect it to a PC using the KEPServerEx software. I can already get numeric registers and change their values.

    Hi, I'm trying to do the same.
    I can write data to robot, but I can't get them from it.

    Can you explain me your system configuration?

    Instead of these programs, if you have SNPX option in the robot, you can buy KEPServerEX and log directly to MySQL. This has been discussed many times on the forum.

    Can someone provide something more details about this topic, please?
    Is it true that has been discussed many times, but it is very hard to find some useful information.

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