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    Francesco Pantoli, at this first look, I didn't found anything strange on Your backup (and next time, a simple archive would suffice).

    But at Your sps.sub, You have this code


    I've saw on Your pictures that speed was 100%, but I would take a look at this ANTICOLLITION signal, $IN[5], according to Your $config.dat

    you have to change in variable


    $ov_pro=0 , called your program steps will move at 0 speed.

    can you share the manual ??

    i cannot help if you don't share what exactly is preventing you to get the info from the manual

    DEF turn_0( )

    ;FOLD INI;%{PE}




    BAS (#INITMOV,0 )



    ;Make your modifications here



    $async_axis = 'b0001'

    $ov_async = 30 what is the use of this variable??:?::?:

    asyptp {e1 0}


    when & where we use this variable ??

    and in gear ratio what is 75 and what is 1.

    and why we need to control the rpm because generally we work on normal vel. like ptp = 20% or lin = 2m/s

    $async_axis = 'b0001' in this step, how can we define that this is for E1 and this for async or sync

    $ov_async = 30

    asyptp {e1 -180}


    Can you help me in this ??:?:or is it wrong, which is wrote in the step.:?::?:

    $ASYNC_AXIS = $ASYNC_AXIS B_OR 'B000001' ; set E1 in ASYNC mode

    $ASYNC_AXIS = $ASYNC_AXIS B_AND 'B111110' ; set E1 in SYNC mode

    $ASYNC_AXIS = $ASYNC_AXIS B_OR 'B100000' ; set E6 in ASYNC mode

    $ASYNC_AXIS = $ASYNC_AXIS B_AND 'B011111' ; set E6 in SYNC mode

    $ASYNC_AXIS = 'B000001' ; E1 ASYNC

    $ASYNC_AXIS = 'B000000' ; E1 SYNC why you write B000000 E1 sync according to you this should be none.

    and 0 = sync

    1 = async , is it write ? :?::?:

    and where and when we use this variable, can you give any example. :?::?:

    that will tell controller MAX permissible velocity for that axis. it is the speed limit for that axis. so reducing value from 1500 to 1200 will slow that axis down by 20% as well as rest of the robot whenever this axis is lead axis.

    ok, how & when and where will use this variable ?? have you any example.

    and suppose my step is PTP P4 CONT Vel=100 % and i used variable VEL_AXIS_MA[2] = 1200 then my 2nd axis will move with 1200 mm/s in this step, Am i right ? :?::?:

    for which purpose we use $ov_async and when ? :?::?:

    $ASYNC_AXIS does not affect how points are recorded, only how they are executed. When the MOTION or TOUCHUP buttons are used, the point is recorded for all axes, with no regard to whether an axis is Sync or Async.

    When it needed to move the external axis E1 synchronously with the A1-A6, this must be preceeded by $ASYNC_AXIS=0 or $ASYNC_AXIS='B000000'. When it is needed to move E1 separately from A1-A6, this must be preceeded by $ASYNC_AXIS=1 or $ASYNC_AXIS='B000001'.

    if suppose i need sync E5 with A1-A6, then how will write in INT $ASYNC_AXIS = ? :?::?:

    and one thing is that this variable use only for external axis, for async or sync with A1 - A6.