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    I'm sorry, the controller will be the KRC4 and the device will be the HMI. I don't know which of the versions I have because the manual refers to them as "Profinet KRC-Nexxt or Profinet ProfiSafe Device" without saying which corresponds to the Device and Device&Scanner, but I have the Profinet KRC Nexxt V3.3.1 installed on the robot controller.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to use a Siemens HMI as an interface with my KRC4 compact robot running KSS 8.3.37. I have the Profinet V3.3.1 option installed on the controller so I should be able to communicate with the Profinet HMI. My plan is to program the screen in TIA Portal and have the robot and screen communicate a few variables.

    Has anyone tried this? Is it possible? I know that the robot controller can be communicated with a PLC and I've been able to try this because I've got one available, but I don't have an HMI to try beforehand if it works and I don't want to buy it without knowing for sure.

    Thank you,


    This interrupt is used to set a flag that the main program will check after every iteration.

    If the "stop" pushbutton (the input that triggers the interrupt) is pressed while the robot is moving, it should set the flag while still moving and when it ends an iteration it checks the flag to see if it should start again.

    The program works as intended, the problem is the >1s stop when the interrupt Is triggered.

    panic mode, SkyeFire

    As you can see in my code I have not used BRAKE or RESUME in the ISR, it is an extremely simple routine and it is also structured just as the IR_STOPM function.

    I tried adding the WAIT FOR TRUE or WAIT SEC 0 to stop the Advance Run pointer but it changed nothing. Also, i tried triggering the interrupt by changing a variable instead of through an input but the result is the same.

    I am already using the TRIGGER command but inside other SPLINE motion blocks, it isn't applicable in this case because the interrupt does not depend on the position of the robot, just on the state of an input.

    It is my first time working with interrupts so I thought it best to start with a simple routine based on what I read on the manuals but I may be missing something.

    If you can think of anything else that can be causing this behaviour all help is welcome!

    Hello everyone,

    I am programming a routine in a KRC4 controller with KSS 8.3.37 in which I while the robot is moving if an input changes status an interrupt is activated and it changes just a flag and returns. The problem I have is that the robot stops its motion for a second when the interrupt is activated and then resumes.

    I wanted to know if it is possible for the interrupt to be executed without stopping the motion.

    Here is the declaration of the interrupt and the interrupt subroutine:

    Thank you!


    I have been using the KUKA Office Lite software for a few days but I am having trouble running programs in this virtual controller because of an error I cannot fix.

    The error reads "KSS14005: Boot failed for module: ECatIODriver" and it doesn´t have any more information on how to fix it. This error prevents the "drives" from being engaged so when I try to run a program I get the message "KSS01376: Active commands inhibited". The image below is a screenshot of the error message.


    The virtual controller is KRC4 KSS 8.3.4

    How can I fix this? Is there a workaround to this error in order to run my programs?

    I have followed the manual provided by KUKA to install and run this software but there is no mention of such an error and how to fix it.

    Thank you!


    I want to create an HMI for a KR6 R700 robot with the KRC4 compact controller (KSS 8.3) using the KUKA SmartPAD. I've already seen software options both from KUKA and OrangeApps for this purpose but I was wondering if I could design it myself from scratch using .NET (or something else).

    In the System Integrator KUKA manuals it only explains how to create dialogs and messages, but I wanted to make a simple interface but with input fields, buttons and sliders.

    Is this possible? Could anyone suggest where to look for more detailed information on how to do this?

    Thank you

    Ok, I've figured it out. Frames need to be sent using this syntax for XML communication:

    <TCP X='-13.0' Y='-69.0' Z='38.0' A='0.0' B='0.0' C='90.0' />

    It's working perfectly now!

    Thanks SkyeFire and panic mode


    I think I've figured out why it doesn't work, the robot is not receiving the base and tool frames through the Ethernet interface so the flags 18 and 19 never get set and the $TOOL and $BASE are never modified.

    I still have to understand why this fails but it helps to know that the $TOOL and $BASE assignments are correct.

    Hello SkyeFire and panic mode,

    user frames are set as nullframes in lines 36 and 37 and they never get modified.

    They are modified by the functions in lines 76 and 80, where it receives the FRAME data types from the Ethernet connection.

    Maybe that isn't working for some reason. This is an example of the data I'm sending as base and tool frames:

    <TCP>{X -13.0, Y -69.0, Z 38.0, A 0.0, B 0.0, C 90.0}</TCP>
    <Base>{X 0.0, Y -404.0, Z 12.0, A 0.0, B 0.0, C 0.0}</Base>

    Is there something wrong with this?


    I created a program in my robot to move it to the coordinates and orientation sent to it through EthernetKRL with the option to define BASE, TOOL and other parameters of the movement. I have also created a script in C# in my PC to send the commands to the robot and I am able to make it move to the specified coordinates and orientation.

    The problem I am having is that I cannot define the new TOOL and BASE to use when a movement command is sent, so all movements are made relative to the default $WORLD coordiante system and with the default TCP.

    I don't want define each tool and base beforehand in the SmartPAD and just change the $ACT_BASE and $ACT_TOOL numbers because this would take away some of the flexibility of the program, so I'm looking to do it in the KRL program itself. Can anyone help me with this?

    Here is my code:



    Communication confguration XML:

    I am using a KR3 R540 robot with the KRC4 compact controller running KSS V8.3.37

    Sorry for the long post and thank you!!


    SkyeFire, I want to use a PCI EtherCAD card for PC to send the position to which the robot should go from a camera. There is no need for it to be super fast since I would need to send base/postion data every 500ms. Is this doable?

    Also, can you recommend which manual I should read to learn how to configure the EtherCAT interface on the KRL side and how to receive and interpret the commands?

    Thank you again


    I've been reading many posts on this forum and the manuals provided by KUKA and I can't figure out whether the EtherCAT interface on the KRC4 Compact can be used to send and receive base, tool and position data from the robot controller.

    I know that for example EthernetKRL can be used but it's an expensive optional package so I would like to use the included EtherCAT support.

    We have a KRC4 Compact with KSS 8.3

    Thank you


    I have a KR C4 compact controller with an IO board installed (X12 IOB-16-16) and I have already configured in Workvisual and have been using it to produce digital outputs in my robot programs.

    The problem is that now I need the controller to accept a digital input from a sensor, which I have to power and I can't find any documentation as to which of the X12 interface pins are +24VDC (or 27VDC). I have read in other posts in the forum that I need to jumper X55 7/8 to 1/2 in order to power this board but I can't figure how to connect my sensor to X12.

    Thank you


    I am working on setting up a robotics laboratory for my company as to test different applications where robotic systems would be useful for the industry, specifically many that require the interaction of the robot with other devices, such as cameras to indicate the position of an object in a bin-picking application or PCs to define new TCPs.

    For this I have found three main software option packages which I think may be best suited:
    [list type=decimal]

    • KUKA.Ethernet KRL

    • KUKA.OPC

    • KUKA.RobotSensorInterface


    I have a KR3 R540 robot with the KR C4 controller with KSS 8.3 and I need help choosing one of these that allows for a wide range of different applications which require communication with external devices. Versatility is the most important factor since I don't want to be locked out of trying some applications because of the interface software.

    Thank you :toothy9:

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