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    I keep having trouble using PCVLOAD to load files when the software number of the robots changes. We use the following command to load the current Ethernet configuration to the robot:


    If the software version changes, we get the error: "Sys mismatch" and the script aborts.

    If we try to load the file manually, it asks "Convert? Yes, No." and with a click on Yes, the file converts and loads without problems.

    Is there any way to put Convert yes in the script to avoid aborting?

    I can step through the program, but the robot is not moving either.

    Haha, unfortunately both robots are visible ^^

    The problem hits both, me and my collegue with another notebook brand, so I think it's not a hardware specific problem. Must be a software bug.

    We try to update roboguide soon.

    We do not use the SPACE FCTN or DCS parameter. I know this and I double checked it now.

    I can exclude the I/O signals too.

    To make it a bit more clear:

    The Program is running on the control. The lines are running down and the position (POSN) on the iPendant display is changing. Just the robot in simulation picture is not moving anywhere. It's like the motion commands are not forwarded to the simulation.

    Hey all

    When I simulate in Roboguide, sometimes the robot stops moving while the program continues. If the problem occurs, it's not possible to move the robot anyway unless I do a cold start on the controller. Does someone have the same problem or know how to solve it?

    Note: We have two robots in a workcell.

    Another useful CM file i would be interested in would be one that would read through the entire System Variable tree and print the name of the variable and the value. I would then be able to make small controlled changes and compare the print out before and after to narrow down exactly which system variable controls what parameters.

    You can do that with Robogoide.

    In the Workcell tree, you can go to Variables, SystemVariables, right click, save, save as *.VA
    Then you get the ASCII Code of the System Variables.

    If you do that before and after your changes, you can compare the two files with a texteditor / compare program like Meld

    I think it's simply not possible do write it in a clean equation.

    But it will simply require to go through each position..

    thats why I worked with two Tool Frames. In my case, it was not possible to move to the position, so I used the workaround with the second tool frame.

    Here again my code, this time in a working structure:

    !Teach PR[23] 
    L PR[23] R[1]mm/sec FINE
    PR[99]=UTOOL[1]                'If you are using Tool 1
    PR[99,10]=PR[99,10]+PR[9,1]    'X-Coordinate / need to split, because of format
    PR[99,11]=PR[99,11]+PR[9,2]    'Y-Coordinate  
    PR[99,12]=PR[99,12]+PR[9,3]    'Z-Coordinate

    May you can try the following. This is my workaround. Not that clean but I didn't know a better solution.


    L PR[23]


    UTOOL2 = PR [999,12]+PR[9,12] (Caution, Format of Register changes!)




    I am facing the same problem and would be interested in a clean solution.

    My current workaround is to move to the position and then save it with PR[20] = LPOS

    I don't know what you want to do, but when it comes to shifts in the tool coordinate system, you may also be able to work with a TCP shift.

    PR[999] = UTOOL1

    PR[999,12] = PR [999,12]+PR[9,12]

    UTOOL2 = PR[999]

    Then using Tool 2 if the shift is needed.

    Hello all,

    I work together with others on a constantly expanding Fanuc application over a longer period of time.

    Do you know a solution how to apply version control to Fanuc files?

    At least TP and Karel files should be covered.

    The best would be an automatism without manual generation of ACII and manual upload but all ideas help!



    Hey all,

    I have now found out why it is not possible to open a second robot or a second instance of Roboguide.

    Roboguide uses different TCP ports for communication.
    If one is already used (by another program), Roboguide gets stuck at opening volatil.pc.

    At my installation, the first port was 80, the second 9001.

    To check, which port is yours, try to open the cell go to the logfile and check the last line.
    C:\Users\*yourUser*\Documents\My Workcells\*YourWorkcell*\Robot_2
    In the following line, you find the reason for failing:

    [HTTP]: Binding to tcp port number 9001
    Error binding socket

    Now, open the Windows Resource Monitor, go to the tab 'Network' and down to 'TCP Connections' and search for the bad guy.
    Mine was 'Java'. So close or remove the program and Roboguide will work.

    I hope this helps.