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    You can find information in the controllers manual; i.e. KRC4, KRC4 compact, KRC5)

    It depends on the safety you are using. If you have the robots connected to the PLC's just for standard IO, then you have to use X11 for safety. If you are using safety signals (CIP, ProfiSafe, FSoE), then X11 is not required, and you just need to place the small jumper on the CCU.

    What are you trying to achieve?

    I have encountered many weird issues with the sunrise controller.

    Firstly, I would suggest to try the following:

    • turn the controller off
    • make sure all cables are seated properly (this includes the O-Rings on the cables between the robot and controller); a missing O-ring means the cable has no proper connection, you can feel the cable connection being loose (quite visibly), and it usually causes a lot of unexplained issues.
    • turn the controller on

    read_input_boolean_register(address) : reads the Boolean value from one of the input registers, which can be accessed by a field bus

    read_output_boolean_register(address) : reads the Boolean value from one of the output registers, which can be accessed by a field bus

    write_output_boolean_register(address, value) : writes the Boolean value to one of the output registers, which can be accessed by a field bus

    On the PLC side, you should see T2O and O2T.

    O2T : PLC output to Robot input

    T2O : Robot output to PLC input

    To zależy, czy chcesz sterować zawory robotem bez PLC?

    Oby dwie są możliwe, ale to bardziej zależy jaki masz Controller robota. Jakie interfejsy ma robot i controller (KRC4/KRC2... , czy ma interfejse pod nazwą X12?

    Jeżeli chesz sterować robotem ale przez PLC, to wtedy musisz zrobić IOMapping między PLC i robotem.

    That really depends on the workload the robot will be doing. The robot moving at fast vs slow velocity changes the power consumption, as does the load on the robot; is it 5kg or 55kg?

    The best way to do it is to run the robot for the day for the application it will be doing and measure the power/energy consumption.

    Which KSS version? Were all the robots setup the same way at the same time?

    I believe in KSS 8.5 the default user is not allowed to trigger any outputs, but that can be changed via the menu, which user is allowed which functionalities.

    Usually, the default user should not be able to change anything, as you do not want someone walking by to start making changes.

    Depending on the safety protocol used, but basically:

    - If it CIP Safety, under Bus Structure, go to EtherNet IP and deactivate the local safety slave.

    - If it is ProfiSafe, under Bus Structure, go to Profinet and change from PROFIsafe to No PROFIsafe.

    - If it is FSoE, ...

    Once you deactivate it, the little popup in the bottom right should appear that asks to add a SIB Board. If you have just X11, then add SION-SIB-STD, if you have both X11 and X13 then add SION-SIB-EXT.

    For more details, read the manuals for the protocols used.

    You have to change the configuration in WorkVisual. You will need to add the Safety board that was installed with X11, and remove the settings for the safety PLC.

    If you remove the settings for the safety plc first, a proposal of changes message should popup (lower left corner) that will ask you if you want to add a SIB board.

    You will then be required to accept safety configuration checksum on the smartPad after the deployed changed WorkVisual project.

    Yes, they have a different payload. Motors may or may not be the same, but I believe some motors might be different. (to compensate for the higher payload)

    Assuming you are purchasing new, there is no difference in which controller and software options you have for the two robots.

    Try to answer the questions asked by those trying to help you.

    What accuracy are you looking for? Is it +/- 0.01 mm or +/- 2 mm?

    When you says: this type of robot(krc2), which one? KRC2 is controller. You mentioned two sizes in the first post, they may have different accuracies.

    Did you look into the documentation of the robot you are looking for? They have their accuracy specified for each type/size of robot. The robot also has different path accuracy, depended on the speed.

    The message was error 6008 I believe which is “robot stop on”. There is an output/estop spot with nothing wired to it at the moment. How do I wire that to make it work?

    Than that would be the first thing to start with. As panic mode mentioned, you need documentation; without it, and without prior knowledge, there is not much you can do.

    Perhaps if you at least have the electrical diagram for the controller, then at least that would be the first step to wiring safety to the controller.

    What about afterwards, i.e. do you know how to program the robot? **Documentation!

    Hopefully I understand the question correctly.

    Do you mean the correction values for A4-A6 as mention as in your step 2?

    I know that when one receives a new wrist, it comes with a tag attached to the wrist with all those values. (As each wrist will be different as they are not all exactly the same) You will then have to enter those values manually and correctly. If you do not have those values, perhaps contact KUKA and they might have them. Otherwise, I am not aware of how to find them.

    I had an issue like that not to long ago. One file somehow got corrupted, and I was not able to even grab it from a working version and added to this project.

    After contacting KUKA, the way to fixit was to use a previous image of the controller, and if not present, they would have to send a technician to put a new image on the controller.

    Please read the pinned tope READ FIRST...

    Which KRC version?

    Which software version?

    You mentioned 7 axis? Do you have an external axis? Linear rail?

    Did you replace the KPC battery?

    For the lost of mastering:

    What other messages are you getting?

    Did you check for blown fuses?

    Could be the RDC itself.

    After mastering, are you able to move the robot? In axis and cartesian? In cartesian, is the robot moving as it should?

    Was the mastering alright before you bought the robot? Do any cables seem damaged?

    The error tells you exactly what is wrong, one or more axis of the robot are not mastered. If you go into mastering, you will see which ones are not mastered, and you will have to master the robot.

    There usually is another message telling which ones are not mastered as well.