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    Posted a thread on here the other day but no replies.

    R30ib robot

    I can run all my programs in local mode no issues.

    When i switch to remote and try running the rsr0001 program from our external hmi i get the message syst 015 rsr failed and memo 073 program does not exist.

    The set up is as follows (in rsr0001)

    Select r10=1
    Call program####

    Select r10=2
    Call program####

    All uops are correct and ethernet ip is all ok.

    Am i missing something.

    I have noticed the rsr0001 name appears under karel vars....could this be a conflict??

    Ive no experience with karel at all!

    Need help as the boss is onto me about this. PLEASE!!

    Hi everyone.

    Im still rather new to the programming world so bare with me.

    We have an r30ib which has an external hmi screen. My predecessor setup all di and uop stuff before he left.

    I have the programs all set. All safety is correct. And it runs fine in local mode.

    However when i switch to remote mode. And i press start to cycle, it wont go and the memo 73 message comes up. Program does not exist. How can it not exist if it runs locally?

    I have checked all the config stuff such as ui signals etc and all is true.

    It is an rsr0001 master program we run and then a register to select sub programs.

    If r10[job selected]=1
    Call full cycle

    Im scratching my head as to why it wont run. Ethernet ip is alrwady set up and all other signals are working fine. So why wont it run?

    Is there something in the variables it could be?

    As i said. I only recently completed my tea h pendant training so am still a novice.

    Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.

    Could someone please give me some information on how to setup the dcs system. (Fanuc r30ib)

    Our robot cell is basically a shipping container that has been converted and the dcs would basically just be preventing the robot from smashing into sidewalls etc, nothing too advanced.

    Im relatively new to programming and did not cover dcs setup in my course.

    I am aware that points must be set but am unsure of how to correctly set up the points themselves.

    I also know the changes wont be implimented until a cycle power has been done.

    Any advice greatly appeciated


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    I did post a thread regarding this the other day but i didnt have a very good picture to show

    I basically want to do the pattern below in the photo.......but would like to use the offsets and position registers to do this rather than have 100s of points in the program.

    Could someone give me an example of how to achieve this pattern as all my attempts so far are no working as id like.

    Im able to get from position 1-4

    However when offset is applied to the z axis to move up 100mm the robot goes from points 1-4 but then back to point 3 then increments 100mm.

    I am new to programming so plz be gentle.

    Any examples of how id do this would be much appreciated.

    I know the use of endfor will assist with keepong the program shorter. But i need to achieve this pattern 1st. A sort of S pattern of sorts.

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    Hi. Im new to programming and recently completed my teach pendant training course.

    My company uses high pressure waterjetting to clean IBCs using r30ib.

    Most of our programs are relatively straight forward as it is mostly flat surfaces that need cleaned.

    Im curious is there an easy way to use the offset to achieve this pattern pictured below.

    I can set the offsets but it misses a chunk of the surface.
    I guess the aim is more of a square offset as opposed to a triangular one.

    The jet head has a huge coverage area so increments can be in the 100s of mm.

    Any advice greatly appreciated

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