I would only want to limit ext servo on. I want to be able to still turn servos on in teach. Basically I'm just putting a ladder stand on the fencing of the robot and I don't want the ladder left inside the work area of the manipulator or positioner. Requiring the ladder be removed from the cell didn't work. I'm trying this approach. So I need to use SIN#030 EXT SERVO ON?

    I'm wanting to wire in a limit switch into a DX200. I want to use said input to limit the servo power on unless its true. I also want to signal an alarm or message showing that this limit switch isnt operation engaged. Any input on how you would do it?

    Can anyone tell me how these inputs are registered? I'm on a cell that is looking for A side of positioner to be at robot. It is reading on universal input 4002 (#05011). In the ladder it is waiting for control input #81321 to turn that input on.

    My cell is using the Fronius TPSi on a DX100. The YEW board is not installed and just uses the VEW option. I'm having issues with search but the TCHR1 macro is searching. TCH macro and search routines turns on the SOUT #0393 (50500) R1 search but the Comarc box is not signaling that the search is turned on with a standard search on say a movL. Is search only available with the YEW board?

    What I'm gathering is that the SRCH function isn't enabling the starting point detecting unit relay to switch on. With the Comarc box I should be able to verify it with the searching indicator light lit. It is not with a SRCH instruction but does on the TCH macro so it must be wired correctly.

    DX100 syatem

    ComArc is what its connected to

    I created the macro

    Has anyone every troubleshot alarm 8992 OPSI: communication lost. My operator station is sporadically losing communication/power (all lights go off) and alarm occurs. When the cell was new I had an operator disconnect a line when it was hot and when he reconnected it it shorted. I'm thinking I've got something sticking in the MASTER PWR/NET MODULE. Thoughts?

    As the job is running you select job~select job (top left). You will then see the list of jobs. Now click job (again top left) and then the tab job edit should be available. When you select edit you can view by selecting other jobs as your master or other job is being ran. Changes to jobs aren't permanent in this mode though. You can make the changes but they are removed. there may be a parameter to do so but I dont know it.

    Don't modify the points after the shift. The program should be taught then the TCH added after. If the weld positions are modified the TCH needs reprogrammed. Always modify weld positions with shift off then reteach TCH.

    I have thought about the weekend deal

    So have you considered that this horn will be blaring all weekend long (if you do not run weekends), during breaks and lunch maybe, and if the cell is down for some maintenance activity, repair or clean

    I'm doing a sample project for management. I'm afraid it will be more of a nuisance as well. Its a DX100. I have it figured out about the alarm by just tying it into the alarm light on the OP station but in the controller. I only want it to trigger in remote and when the robot is stationary for over the set time they want of 5 minutes. I have suggested a light that comes on but they want noise. We have a customer who uses this but the operator hits a button when they walk off is my understanding. Servos are supposed to be turned off during non production. We work thru breaks and lunch with a break giver.

    We just implemented a software for offline programming from Delfoi. They came out built the cad cells and calibrated the robots to it. The integrator version from them was used to by more experienced operators of the software so they could build there own cells and do the calibrations so it could be calculated by the software. We had Motosim previously but the calibration just didn't work to par. Every program was off. The positives to this software from Delfoi is that it creates the weld for us and is very precise. You are even able to insert along with the welds, macros which eliminates robot down time greatly.

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