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    Hi everybody.

    I'm front one kitchen clerk problem i can't solve by myself....

    I need realise the motion discribed on the next picture :

    To do that I've programmed this move with these lines :

    CIRC_REL { X 50 , Y-50 ) , {X 50 , Y 50} CA 180

    And the result is that :

    I try to change $ORI_TYPE to #CONSTANT, $CIRC_TYPE to #PATH but i've the feeling that nothing change...

    Can you help me to program this motion with proper orientation ?

    Thank you.

    Thank you for your answer,

    i don't understand the loop result of your code:thinking_face: , is'nt it a mistake ?

    I try to correct your code :

    DECL CADRE _fCorrection
    DECL E6POS _pNextPosition
    $AVANCE = 1
    _pNextPosition = $POS_ACT_MES
    _fCorrection = $NULLFRAME
      _pNextPosition = {X 0,1}: _fCorrection
      LIN_REL _pNextPosition C_VEL
      _fCorrection.Z = InputFromSPS
    JUSQU'À MyRunCondition == FALSE

    This version is looping around a 0.1mm step along x axis coupled with SPS provided variable Z instructions. Isn't it ?

    And if i try to modify $base.Z or $tool.Z or _fCorrection.Z value in real time via a deported KVP code the result will be the same, due to ARP behavior ?

    I guess RSI will be usefull but i can't buy it , i should found another way to tackle my issue.

    Isn't it possible to divide my simple LIN motion into 100 "micro-motion " to realise on the fly geometric transformation like :

    Should it work ?

    Hi ! I'm have a KR6 R900 sixx with KRC4 Compact under KSS 8.4.XXX.

    I have a really simple problem but it seems be unsolvable.:thinking_face:

    I do a looped basic LIN motion beetween P1 and P2 learnt in respect with base n°2 (base_data[2]) , i need to refresh the Z coordinates of basis or tool to change the TCP target Z position inside the current LIN motion. I need to do it in respect of a variable , for exemple $OV_PRO.

    I try to change the $base coordinates into the SPS loop but it seems write-protected.:tired_face:


    I try to change the base_data[2].Z value into the SPS loop but it change nothing to the path until reseting src program :confused_face:


    I know i try to avoid buying RSI but i can't afford.:face_with_rolling_eyes:

    I think i never tryied interrupt a lin_rel motion.

    But i think you can modify speed in the same way replacing lin XP1 by lin_rel{z - 300}

    To modify speed you can decrease two variables :

    $OV_PRO : override programmed speed between 0 and 100 (%)

    $Vel.cp : programmed TCP speed between 0.00 and 2.00 (m/s)

    I think this type of code will be work for another digital input.

    Otherwise you can modify in "real time" the $OV_PRO value by attaching it at $ANIN value

    Hi ! The example you have is the right one.

    For the interrupts, you need 3 programs.

    A master that manages the loop and the declarations, the one that contains the movement to be interrupted, and a final one with the interrupt routine.

    To vary the speed of the robot in real time, you can use an analog input or another digital input of KRC4 (if you have one) and modify $ OV_PRO to slow down the robot when you approach the setpoint.

    Here is my Control Panel for KUKA: one can jog robot with Joystick, inside program with buttons or even voice and record the points and execute the program with voice :smiling_face:

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    Hello DannyDJ , we need to do the same connect with usb camera, opencv, neural networks and personnalized KUKAVARPROXY.
    Could you share the KRL code running in background and possibly your server side code?
    Your IHM seem be fantastic.
    No commercial application will be made.
    In addition do you have an idea of the instruction execution time ?
    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you for your answer, I don't really understand your reaction.

    I know how to read a manual and I actually spotted a track around SYN OUT but it is not applicable because I need to use ANIN and ANOUT.

    I think my question has the merit of being polite. It is clear and documented and does not deserve an answer like the one you are formulating.

    Hi everybody !

    I need to use a CIRC_REL move for an application, this type of move is well documented by the KSS Manual but a question stay in me mind.

    Two relative point coordinates are needed to parameter the motion : CIRC_REL (P1,P2,CA 360) C_DIS

    P1 is basicly easy to found, but P2 coordinates are relative to POS_ACT or relative to P1 (illustrated by the previous draw) ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how I could achieve the following:

    When moving CIRC (slow) between points P1, P2 and P3, somewhere between A and B a sensor will send a signal to KRC4 through the ANIN[1].

    How could I stop the robot at this exact moment, abandon the current move and return to parking position P1?

    I think I have to use an interruption but I do not know how to do it ...

    Thank you in advance !

    Hello, my version is KSS 8.3.34.

    Thank you SkyeFire for your detailed response, we wouldn't like buy the FTC because it is very expensive.

    Ok for the .XML, it's RSIVisual that will be responsible for generating them, that's fine.

    Is it possible to use the full function of the RSI without using the TCP/IP protocol but using only the I/O module?

    So, we will pay a computer service to develop the server software.

    We would just have to provide the following specifications:

    -Normal Timout: 12ms

    -IPO Fast Timeout: 4ms

    -No Communication Fail

    - Variable frame according to .XML model ( generated by RSIVisual)

    That's right ?



    After several reading and rereading of the RSI notice, I still have trouble understanding the hardware and communication part.

    Let's take a concrete example: I need to maintain a distance of 1cm between the TCP (where the sensor is placed) and an irregular surface ( Z axis correction only).

    I have an acquisition unit that makes sensor data available on a computer.

    A plugin from the manufacturer of the datalogger is responsible for making the data available in any form on the computer (we will request and pay for the development of the plugin).

    The control panel is connected by USB to the computer.

    The computer is connected in Ethernet to the RSI.

    The RSI needs to recover a single external information: the sensor data generated by the acquisition unit (between 0 and 50mm, analog data).

    Already if I understood correctly the diagram of principle is attached.

    I should also write two XML models:




    <ELEMENT TAG = "Distance" TYPE = "DOUBLE" INDX = "1" />

    </ ITEMS>

    </ SEND>




    <ELEMENT TAG = "Distance" TYPE = "DOUBLE" INDX = "1" HOLDON = "0" />

    </ ITEMS>

    </ RECEIVE>

    Where to place these files? Who shares what and how (computer and RSI) or (RSI and KRC4) ?

    Who is the sender? Who is the receiver?

    How can the RSI recover information from the computer ? Need I developp my proper serveur ?

    Thank You !

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