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    I have just done the definition of the new TCP through the hang command with the five point procedure. The angle between the 5 points, for the definition of the new TCP, has been between 60 and 90 degrees between shots. The drawback I have is that I have an error of between 1 and 5mm, when reorienting the tool in different directions ;(

    I need to minimize this difference since I am programming offline through CAD/CAM, I end up having more errors than programming in TeachIn mode.

    Does anyone know how to improve this?

    Hello, I have a Shibaura TV1000H Robot, and I need to calculate the new coordinates of the tool. I can't find the procedure from the Robot controller. Is it possible to perform this calculation with an Excel spreadsheet, or with some program? I've searched but haven't found how to do it.

    Put to obtain the 4 points in the Robot with the following structure of coordinates:

    Robot coordinates: X, Y, Z, A, B, C

    The Robot controller allows me a new definition of tools.

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you so much!

    Hi. We at the UTN - FRGP have a KUKA VKRC1 Robot that was donated by VW Argentina. We have managed to change it to VRC1.

    In order to use it in Automatic Mode, we open the controller and exchange the Green Cable with the Yellow Cable. That worked perfectly!

    Regarding the safety signs, we have not been able to cancel them. We will read the VKRC1 manuals carefully to understand what to bridge.

    Thank you for your post, it has been very interesting !!!