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    I have 2 robots that were never placed into production. 1 has 43 hours of servo on time, the other has 2 hours of servo on time.

    Both bots are identical with the following options:

    CRX-10iA/L (Long-Arm) Thru-arm vision rear cable exit

    R-30iB Mini Plus Controller

    LR HandlingTool Software

    Ethernet/IP Adapter Software (RTL-R784)

    Motion Package (RTL-R809)

    DCS Position & Speed Check (RTL-J567)

    iRVision 2D Guidance Package (IRV-2DCXVPKG-R)

    Please contact me if you are interested in these bots. They are stored safely on stands right now but can be moved to a pallet within a day or 2.

    In System -->Config, line 58: Confirmation for Auto: DI[#]

    That did exactly what I needed. For future reference, if you switch back to T1 mode and try to go to AUTO you have to drop the Auto confirmation signal and bring it back up again. I haven't checked if the AUTO confirmation signal needs to stay high during production yet.

    Thanks jbabineaux!

    I've searched but haven't seen anything to help with this problem.

    SCARA SR-3iA
    R-30iB Compact Plus Controller
    I'm using a pendant for setup
    Using Ethernet/IP for comms

    I can read/write to the DIs and DOs via the ethernet

    I've tested the program in T1 and now I'm ready to finish testing in AUTO

    I switch TP over to AUTO and have to input the confirmation number (no Mode switch on controller) but when I go to clear the fault from the PLC I get "SRVO-483" Input AUTO confirmation signal.

    Anyone know what I'm missing?



    Here's my settings in E/IP Client Properties

    T->O (INPUT)
    RPI = 10
    Assembly Instance = 102
    Datatype: Integer, 32 Bit, 1D Array
    Number of Elements 1

    O->T (OUTPUT)
    Assembly Instance = 152
    Datatype: Integer, 32 Bit, 1D Array
    Number of Elements = 1
    Include Status Header

    Where did you see to choose connection point 101?
    Also, the datatype HAS to be an array.

    You will use Pack/Unpack Bits to map the IO once you have the connection working.

    Are you showing any TCP/IP Errors?

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