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    I'd like to learn process simulate, I've done some basic stuff with RobotExpert tutorials since they are very similar. I know the very basics but I want to learn more, is there any online training or good beginners video tutorials around?

    Thank you for any response

    Dudee. you saved my ass, thank you! RoboDk interface looks kinda outdated but it is really easy to work with and has a lot of variety of a lot of robot brands.

    Definetly using it, thank you man

    Hello guys, I am trying to simulate a Kuka robot in Robotstudio but with no success.

    I made the robot mechanism and it works.

    When I am linking a system to this Kuka robot, I made a relation to which link from kuka corresponds to which link from this abb robot.

    Could make it kinda work.

    But when I try to jog it linearly, the robot just does random stuff, instead of following certain trayectory like Z+ axis.

    From home position

    And I try it to jog it down on world Z axis

    And it goes all that far away :wallbash: and really doesn't follow any linear axis at all. Not sure how to make it work.

    And please don't reply me to use Kuka Sim Pro, that thing costs a lot, like you don't have idea, this is for 1 project only so...

    Need help people, I am still working on this, gonna post the solution if I find it :justice:

    By the way:
    Kuka Robot: KR10 R1420
    ABB system (used as controller): ABB1600 6kg 1.5m

    Also, the tool0 is properly placed

    Hello guys! I am Erick and 23 years old from Mexico.

    I have just finished my career and I am an intern on a Robotic Programming company.

    Thankfully to my efforts on the training course from this company, I could get to my first project to Germany as Supporter for production and other simple stuff.

    I have been working a lot on RobotStudio from ABB with the simulation stuff to practice and learn about programming different kind of applications. Since in the course we cannot always be practicing on the actual physical robot and not having a lot of tools to do so.

    I really really want to go high on the company's hierarchy as soon as I can.

    Here (this company) we work with Kuka, Fanuc and ABB.

    I am also aiming to have Simulation skills, this company wants to offer this service to their clients, that's the reason why I want to have that kind of skills.

    So, here are my questions for you guys, I hope you can help me with this.

    What are the actual Softwares that are used to make the Simulation for a whole Robotic plant/line? Specifically on Kuka, Fanuc and ABB. Having a PLC as Master on every Cell with External Automatic.

    How can I adquire the Softwares with educational purposes? Also, what is their price range and how helpful would it to me as a newbie programmer.

    What kind of task can a Robot programmer have? I have heard about 3 so far; Technologies programmer, Fix Comissioning and Supporter.

    Can you help me with documentation or any material to improve myself for these tasks as Robot programmer.

    I also want to know how does the PLC program works to control a Cell. I have experience on programming PLCs, but I want to know what are the real Softwares are used in the industry to make the PLC programming and also the Panel HMI.

    Thank you so much if you have reached till here =)!