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    Hi Sibrdave,

    thanks for your help and my apologize for questions. i am not so expert with roboguide and communication.

    "I used generic tags of a 16bit datatype then remapped them on the plc and in roboguide." i can map tags in roboguide?Do you mean for example, in menu->i/o->digital->config?
    "it will become available in roboguide external devices with the anonymous host type"...what i have to set? How i can check if external device is available?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sibrdave,

    thanks for your hints.

    I downloaded KepserverEx and i was able to command a siemens plc throught a client. I tried with profibus connection and also with wifii connection to 1200 CPU and it worked well.

    I was a bit confused about the setup configuration with roboguide and kepserver.
    What driver to chose? (in my test i used siemens tcp/ip ...for fanuc robot is the same?)
    What "ID" to use? (i can guess the same that i set in roboguide workcell for the robot... Can i use every ip that i want or there is a specific ip to use for the simulation?)

    Thanks in advance for the help!!


    I am new in the forum and this topic take my attention.

    Please Sibrdave, could you explain a bit more about the setup configuration?
    Did you use siemens plc or other?
    Is there some documentation that you can share here?

    Thanks in advance!