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    Thank you for your help. I think Mimic from Autodesk looks like the kind of thing we might be looking for, i'm going to look into that next.

    We've worked with Motion control on film projects a lot over the last few years but are looking for a something of our own that is less costly, a bit simpler but more versatile than the supplied Kuka software.

    On a scale of 1-10, 1 being easy. How easy/difficult is it to write custom software to refine a Kuka's movements to enable and control smooth and precise movement?

    We are buying a Kuka for filming with but are looking into the possibility of having some bespoke software to control the arm, based on commands and control from a filmmaking standpoint. Our requirements would be to be able to minutely control the movement between points to build complex moves with smooth paths. At present we are trying to get a handle on how possible this might be and at what kind of cost. We're UK based.