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    Hello everyone,

    we are having problems with the cartesian impedance control mode for SmartServo / SmartServoLIN with the KUKA LBR iiwa 14 robot (SunriseOS

    The problems occurs when we try to call ServoMotion.validateForImpedanceMode(gripper);.

    It is more likely to happen if the robot is in an outstreched arm position.

    The error message is variance[1] of LBRExtTorqueObs@LBR_iiwa_14_R820_1 is 10.05559201000732 should be less than 10.

    However,the external axis torques that are shown on the KUKA SmartPad are less than 2 Nm for every axis (in case the correct tool is selected).

    It seems like the RoboticsAPI is not choosing the correct load data for determining the external axis torques.

    This is how we load the tool:

    gripper = ServoMotionUtilities.createToolFromTemplate("SchunkWSG50", path + "/", context);

    The values in are exactly those that were found by calling Determining the load data on the SmartPad.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Best regards,


    SmartServo is an additional module to the RoboticsAPI that allows to do closed-loop cartesian position control.
    Where did you find this option "enhanced velocity controller"? I couldn't find it neither in the API nor in the documentation. Would it support closed-loop control (i.e. sending continuously cartesian velocity updates without invoking the breaks of the robot)?

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to set cartesian velocities for the smartServo instead of positions, but I didn't find anything in the API, does someone have experience with that?
    Thank you in advance,