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    On KRC2 robot I cannot add IF instruction.

    Command menu offers Last Command, Motion, Moveparams, Logic, Analog output and Comments commands. Logic sub-menu offers WAIT, WAITFOR, OUT and IBUS Segment on/off.

    There is no loops, conditions neither many other regular instructions available.

    How to reach that instructions as well?

    Many thanks for your advises.


    We have an arc welding cell with two IRB1600 and IRBP R positioner, equipped with two MigRob 500 welding power sources and one BullsEye.

    Robots are from 2008. We've broken one devicenet card on Migrob 500. DN card on another power source works well.

    Now, once we turn robots on, occurs error that communication is missing and not possible to activate welding equippmnet at all.

    Considering that for the moment, we can operate with just one robot, is it possible to create robot system with one robot, one welding power source as well as positioner and BullsEye?

    Is it necessary to put the jumper at X8 or we need to do something else to skip only one robot with one migrob?

    Looking for ideas and suggestions.


    I want to overtake full control by robot controller. PLC has to be skipped, at final stage disconnected.

    Also, safety signals will be connected on the panel board. Herewith, all safety features related to plc will be also skipped.


    I got an used arc welding cell and have to modify it for our own production.

    At current configuration, plc is declared as master and IRC5 as a slave. From HMI is possible to start / stop, follow logs, chose auto / manual mode, chose program and so on.

    Considering habits at our plant, we want to disconnect plc, and use IRC5 on same way as other 3 robots at our plant - using teach pendant for steering the robot.

    Robot, beside others, have two tasks, task 0 and task 1, if I'm right, only for communication with plc.

    Now, how to remove remote mode for the robot and start to use it in local. We has to keep communication with welding power sources and other auxiliary equipment as well.

    Backup file enclosed.




    Every time when I use BullsEye for TCP calibration, I get TCP shifted for 15mm in z+ direction.

    Is the any idea what happens with related routine or device itself, or any idea how to overcome it?

    Robot is IRB1400 S4C+, originally without BullsEye but upgraded at prior owner.


    I would like to connect Migatronic power source.

    If I connect 7 DO signals:

    -Name "goCAN_SCHED" -Type "GO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 21 -Length 7

    to connect as job selection on Migatronic DI's


    -Name "doWELD" -Type "DO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 11

    to connect on Migatronic DI for start welding, also if on Migatronic exist quick stop to reconnect

    -Name "doQUICK_STOP" -Type "DO" -Unit "B_AW_PROC" -Phsig 14

    to appropriate DI, otherwise to disconnect it.

    Now, we're coming to PIB.

    DI signals:

    -Name "diWR_EST" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 1 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGA_EST" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 2 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGUN_OK" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 6 -Access "All"

    -Name "diGUN_RESET" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 9 -Access "All"

    -Name "diMAN_WF" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 12 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No0" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 13 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No1" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 14 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No2" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 15 -Access "All"

    -Name "diERROR_No3" -Type "DI" -Unit "B_PROC_30" -Phsig 16 -Access "All"

    instead of Unit "B_PROC_30" will be connected to dsqc328

    Unit "B_POS_OP_10" using appropriate pins.

    Considering that Migatronic have only 1 error signal, could I connect it on diERROR_No0 and put jumper to other error signals or just disconnect them?

    I still didn't figured out what's the purpose of sen1, di_SE1_DET, di_SE2_DET, diSE_VALID and diERR_STROBE - are they related to welding?

    From now on, I don't want to control welding anymore by PIB, then I intent to disconnect analog outputs for reference voltage for welding, feeding and induction as well. But, how to avoid that PIB trig some error signal related for welding process? Other processes, calibration, lubricating and wire cutting I want to keep.

    Signals diGUN OK / diGUN_RESET are related to crash sensor or bullseye? If related to bullseye I cannot move it from PIB, right?

    Also, I have error signal from Migatronic, but where to connect to trig acknowledge note on teach pendant? After acknowledge, robot should restart welding on proper path.

    Any advice welcome.


    At the moment we have Arcitec LRB400 power source, unstable performance.

    Idea is to replace LRB400 with brand new power source using DI/DO communication.

    Communication will be established over DI/DO signals from dsqc328. Power source needs 7 signals for schedule choosing and 1 start signal. At same time, power source communicate back by 1 enable signal, 1 signal for arc ok, 1 signal for common error. On dsqc 328, already declared as B_POS_OP_10, we have enough resources for that.

    Question is, if we due turning LRB400 off, skip PIB, what's gonna be with TCS and other PIB functions? New sinergyc power source takes a care about feeder as well.

    Also, how to modify configuration file?

    Here is attached eio and proc configuration files.

    Would you, please, advise me to find proper solution.


    We have an IRB1400 S4C M2000 into FlexArc cell, production year 2002.

    Since we purchased the robot, we can not achieve regular linear neither circular movements. Deviations aren't so huge, but it's boring to interpolate almost each linear movement in so many points. Situation in circular movements is even worse. Considering that robot performs arc welding application, each new program even modification of existing ones becomes very difficult and exhausting.

    I doubt that someone abroad made (fine) calibration procedure wrong because on robot missing several movable / stationary calibration marks.

    I know that calibration pendulum device could help us but, due pandemic, we cannot reach any ABB service having device to perform that or to borrow us to do it ourselves.

    Does someone have any idea how to fix it without calibration pendulum device?

    Also, maybe my concern isn't right - perhaps something else can cause described issue? Any idea to resolve, please?


    I have an new FlexPicker IRB360 with IRC5 controller.

    Everytime when I've try to go to routine Payload, robot starts performing, asks for tool or payload and then shows event message 50222 Mismatch type - Mech Unit.

    What's wrong and, more important what should I to do to overcome this trouble?




    I have an IRB 1400 S4C+ with USB FDD device installed. Trouble is that, from time to time, once I want to backup system on "floppy" don't recognize media. Sometimes do, sometimes not.

    Now, I need to reinstall RW and I need reliable device. Therefore, my idea is to install regular floppy disk drive and to use key disk + RW disks + option disk for reinstallation.

    To finalize, I need to do restore from backup, and there is the catch! What if backup file is over 1.44MB as capacity of floppy disk? There is no difference if I use USB because I need to use UFloppy Manager to format USB stick on 1.44MG.

    Some idea, please?


    There is one Servo pack, actually converter, connected on 2 servo drives (larger for S/L/U and smaller for R/B/T) and additional converter connected on 1 servo drive. Cables, power and signal, from additional servo drive are cutted; external motor and encoder ain't connected. I don't need external axis at all.

    Herewith, once I replace converter from additional to regular drives, if converter works well, I shouldn't have alarm anymore, but alarm persists. In bios setup I've disconnected external axes. Before I order new converter, is it possible to check or set something else?


    Robot SK6 with MRC II controller, manufacturing date 11-1998.

    Occurs alarm 2340 Servopack failure.

    In same controller there is additional servopack and servo drive for 7th axis. Servopack for two 3-axes servodrivers is same as servopack for additional axis. Hence, I disconnected servopack for additional and place it to robot axes, but failure persists.

    Is it any advice whats the catch and how to resolve the issue?

    I checked motherboard but no visual defects on it.


    We have an YASNAC MRC II controller with SK6 robot, manufacturing date 11-1998 / 502, type ERCS-SK6-NECO, System No. 112134

    Robot was inactive for a while.

    After restarting, on display shows 3 error messages:

    Alarm 2000

    Alarm 5040

    and Alarm 5090

    First two are dedicated for axes calibration and I hope that will be routine to resolve.

    But Alarm 5090 is challenging for me. We have 24V DC on power board, two green LED's are on, two connectors are connected but one slot is empty (is it OK?), but I have no any idea on which board I need to have that voltage, actually on which pins?

    It could be some fuse, but I don't know where to check.

    Is it any suggestion how to solve this issue?

    Attached is photo controller.


    I have an IRB 1400 M2000 with S4C+ controller. Cell is equipped with IRBP 250R positioner.

    After re-locating of robot cell we cannot start robot due error message 20209 External Contactor open.

    Is it possible to skip that condition by installing jumper (where to install?) just to check is other equipment works well?

    I know that external contactor should be related to acknowledge of some condition, could be also safety ones, and I cannot leave it skipped in normal run, but for quick system diagnose only, I'd like to save time to check each wire and possible issue, especially if I'm still not sure that there is no other issues.

    Could someone, please, advice me where to put the bridge and skip mentioned condition quickly.

    Many thanks for support.