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    In my process we use range finding lasers to find the surface level of a liquid in a pot. The analog input signal is then used to calculate the Z element of a PR to dip a part in the gripper to that level. I do not use LPOS or JPOS. It is a programmed PR that just has the Z altered every time a part is dipped.

    One of my peers in another department uses two groups to generate a 5 digit number. One group gives a 3 digit number. The second group gives a two digit number which is then multiplied by 1000 and added to the first group to arrive at a 5 digit number that can go to 99999.

    How many lines of messages do you need and how frequently are they displayed? There is a TP command that you can clear the page with. Use it to clear the page just before displaying a new message. The command is Clear User Page.

    According to the handlingtool manual on joint speed "the actual speed of the movement is dependent on the speed of the slowest axis." I have always interpreted this to mean that the slowest axis involved in the motion will move at the percentage programmed and all other axes will move at a rate that gets them to the destination at the same time.

    I went through this something like this a few years ago on an RJ3. The previous install user had not left any documentation of his password. I first did a backup. Then I was able to open the backup of SYSPASS.SV file in Wordpad. While most of it was gibberish, the install users name was clearly legible in the middle of it and a few characters later was a 4 digit number that ended up being the password.

    Put a laser upstream on the conveyor and another downstream. Any time an object passes the upstream laser, a flag turns on and stays on until the downstream laser detects the object leaving. Program so the robot will not interact with the conveyor while the flag is on.

    I think cold start only shows up under the function button when you have booted up with a controlled start. Also, I've only cycled power for variable changes. I don't recall doing any that specifically required a cold start. Which variables are you looking to change?

    On my RJ3iB (w/ color tp) it's Menu > File > File > F5[Util] > Set Device and select MC. Then you can copy your .LS to the MC. Alternatively, selecting PRINT will save a .TP as an .LS on the MC.

    My experience with this has been that certain pieces of equipment will sometimes generate enough vibration to cause a momentary misalignment with the light curtains or cause a connector to lose connection. If I see it happening only when certain programs are run that's the path I follow.