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    I am trying to append strings to a .TX file on the RD

    But I noticed the following:

    When the file extension is .TX then i got the follwoign error when trying to append string to the file (OPEN FILE aFileVar ('AP', strTmp) )

    INTP-366 I/O Status is not cleared

    Anyhow the problem is solved when i change the file extnension to .txt instead of .TX .. but i got another issue which is .txt file cant be displayed on the pendant

    How could i solve one of the following issues?

    1. How to append strings to .TX file without getting the error INTP-366?


    2. How to open .txt files on the pendant

    Thansk for your help

    massula thanks for answering.. The active project on the robot was created using WV V3.0 and i have tried all versions on the PC (3, 4 and 5) but it didnt work..

    When i replace the hard drive with a normal KRC4 Hard drive (Without doing any changes.. same cable, same IP address), the controller can be normally found from the work visual (PC) side.. really strange :loudly_crying_face:

    Hi there,

    VKRC4 controller with software version V8.2.20 HF04, I need to change/add some modules in Work Visual on the project but WV doesnt find the controller at all although both are on the same network and connected directly via a LAN cable (No switch in the middle).. I could also ping the controller from the computer..

    We tried all possible solutions like pressing on the (Search) icon in Work Visual and entring the IP address of the controller but it didnt work..

    Keyfiles are there and and we are logged in as Expert on the controller...

    I tries also different versions of WorkVisual without any success...

    I assume that a Dongle or autnetification USB is required to edit theWV project but not sure.. any idea?


    The idea is: I want to divide the movement between 2 Points into number of steps (3 steps for example).. So I say
    S=0 ; S: is a variable which has 0 when robot at StartPoint and 1 when robot at EndPoint
    NextPoint= StartPoint+S(EndPoint-StartPoint)
    The problem is when using For Loop, the program make only first update for the moving point then it doesn't move (During all For loop steps, the program stays at line 69 then when loop ends it completes normally)
    I made the movement only in X just to understand what is going on..
    program is attached...
    Need your support to understand why the program doesn't update the value of MovingPoint.X for all FOR loop
    Program is attached..


    Is there a way (variable or flag) to tell if the robot is moving or not..
    I mean in the program, I want to check if the robot is still moving then wait until the robot ends its movement then perform some orders..
    KRC5, KR16

    Hi Everybody..
    With robot mounted vision sensor, I am trying to get the robot position synchronized with the sensor measurement...
    The idea is create a system which can work with any robot ...
    One solution could be to trigger the sensor at each point of the interpolation points and with some further processing we could get the exact robot position exactly at the sensor trigger time..
    The question is how to get the interpolation points? with KUKA they can be accessed using RSI but i mean in general.. :help:

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