I'm working with a motoman HP20 and a NX100 controller. My problem is that when I want to go into play mode to run a program, I get a 9127 alarm "Collision detect must be enabled". I have checked the shock sensor and made sure it was on valid. I specify that the robot is a second-hand robot which used for the metallic projection with an electric arc but which serves now to hold small pieces.

    I know that this alarm is a user alarm, so is it possible invalid or delete this alarm ? Can you help me to resolve my problem ?

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi everyone,

    I have for you a question about the maximum speed of my robot MS 80. In fact, when I creat a job, I would like to fixed the speed of my linear movement to 4500 cm/min but the maximum value which I can enter is 1600 cm/min. Is it possible to change this maximum value in the parameter or not ? If it's possible, thank you to say me how ?

    Thank you in advance for your help !
    Have a good day.


    Hi everyone,

    I precise that I am a novice in the utilization of robot. So, I explain my problem. I would like to known if it's possible to find or observe the current cartesian coordinates (X,Y,Z) when I move a robot ? Because when I am in {Robot} and {Current position}, I can see only the coordinates of the axis of the robot (S,L,U,R,B,T).

    I thank you for your answer.

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