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    I see several robot manufacturers offer controllers that can run on a domestic electricity supply.

    For example the Kuka KR C4 Compact can run low payload Kukas, and it seems the highest payload on offer with that controller is 10kgs.

    Also Yaskawa offer the YRC1000micro, which can run their GP7 and GP8, so 8kgs is the limit there.

    From there it seems there's a huge jump up to around 400V which will run anything.

    But what about the possibilities in between?

    I've got a 'B1' three-phase power supply in the building I live in, which is 230V, and I really need between 16kgs and 20kgs payload.

    Is there any way to leverage the 230V supply to be able to use a 16kgs or 20kgs payload robot at home?

    My interest is 3D Printing, so slow movements and low dynamic forces.

    Surely someone offers a solution already or there must be an acceptable work-around, such as using digital phase converters? :/