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    The problem is that those same IOs are not available in the TIA Portal software to assign tags and I can't find a way to establish a communication with the robot controller. I know this isn't a Siemens forum but I was hoping somebody else had succeded in doing this.

    The alterative that Kuka suggested was using OPC or other protocol but it's a paid option I don't have.

    Siemens HMI are designed to be used with Siemens PLC. I don't think there is a way to connect it directly with other profinet IO devices.

    Now it's working. It was a user error as usual.

    Display->Variable->Single : $SEN_PREA[11] type of monitoring is kind of difficult to do. Once I did SPS to PLC and HMI monitor mapping I noticed that it is working after all.

    I made the change to all Tx template files so i can get the force feedback in all the applications.

    For some reason I'm missing all the decimal numbers of the force value. I tried to multiply the force values by 1000 in RSIVisualShell to move the decimal dot, but wasn't able to do that.

    Thank you for the instructions they were simple to follow.

    I made a branch from the RSI signal monitor inputs using MAP2SEN_PREA blocks.

    Then I copied the modified files back to robot controller KRC/TP/FTCtrl/Templates/T0 directory.





    I did minor changes to FTC application and ran my test program.

    RSI signal monitor still works fine and I get forces from the sensor.

    I used Display->Variable->Single : $SEN_PREA[11] from the robot controller to see if the mapping worked. I did not work.

    I also tried to do cold start to make sure the new files are loaded to the controller.

    What am I missing here?

    KRC4 8.3.29

    ForceTorqueControl 3.1.2

    Sensor: ATI omega 85


    I'm trying make polishing application using agilus kr 10 with ft sensor. I have gotten quite far by just following kuka ftc manual, but I have some questions that I have not been able to find solution.

    I Have siemens PLC connected to the robot via profinet. I'm logging some data from robot by mapping it to profinet IO in sps. Position and speed logging is working just fine.

    Now I would like to add forces from the ft sensor to that log. FT signals are available in FTCtrl application signal monitoring window with graph (Fx, Fy, Fz, Tx, Ty, Tz)

    I have not been able to find variables in the robot containing the information from the sensor.

    Does such variables exist?

    Other problem that I have encounter so far is that when I run FTCtrl_LDD program to determine sensor load data, I get negative force value? (-4 N) To my understanding the value shoud be something like 30N because I'm using 3kg tool.

    Any ideas how to fix that?

    I welcome all the talk and tips of using FT sensors with robot.

    Thank you for the help.