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    I was thinking of something like this too.

    Are you asking how do you know if it is phased correctly? I can't remember if it will give you an alarm or not, but if not you can just wire up a small fan to one of your digital outputs, turn it on and make sure it spins the right direction. If not swap 2 of your wires.

    Still gonna need more info. Is it a prox switch that looks at something, is it gripper switches, a diode (laser), or what? And does it constantly look at the switch and when it reads or don't read, or is your program only looking for it in certain places in the program? Is your program wrote in TP or karel? You can assign macros to I/O's but they have to be non motion, so if you give us some more info we might be able to help you figure out a different way to go about doing what your trying to do. Like automatically go home when it sees that whatever it is your looking for is wrong.

    Well I can see where they are coming from by giving their bigger customers discounts and favoring them, because thats what all companies do. you have to hold on to your big customers. but I dont agree with them taking it out on the little guy. because after all, we are their customers as well.

    i use back ground logic alot ansd i dont think you would be able to do it with roboguide because it is mixed logic, (non motion). but then again i have never used roboguide i do all of my programming at the TP. I found it very useful to take the place of karel which i hate!!! soo much easier just to open up your BGlogic progrqam and edit it right there at the TP instead of having to compile and recompile... ect

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