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    I was hoping there was a way to trigger the E-stop command without pushing the E-stop button. I would like the robot to run after I have left for the day. Because we have a hydraulic unit running while the robot is running, I don't want the hydraulic unit to run all night. It is wired to the E-stop for safety reasons.

    I believe we do have a PLC. There is a controller, R-30iA, that is sitting on the floor near the robot with an E-stop button and the pendent also has an E-stop button.

    Thanks, got it to work.

    Is there a way to add a code that will E-Stop the robot? We have a hydraulic unit that runs a drill attachment and is connected to the E-stop. If I run lights out, I don't want the hydraulic unit left running after the program is done running.

    Hello all. I would like to take a program and make it loop until I stop it. I know very little about robot programming. We use robotmaster to run out robot. Here is a small program I would like to loop.

    Erik thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we cannot edit lines on the program only insert commands. The operator adds the spindle on and off and coolant on and off and dwells where he needs them. We cannot change the line 7:J P[5] 50% FINE.

    Souryuu, I am not sure how to do what you are suggesting. As far as I know we can only insert commands between the lines of code. What would my example program need to look like?

    As for the bglogic you talk about, I have no clue what that is.

    Hello all. I am new here and not very well educated on the robot. We have a Fanuc 710iC50 with an R-30iA controller. I was wondering if it is possible for the operator to edit the program at the robot, on the pendant, and slow down the robot for 1 or 2 arm positions then return it back to full speed. We edit in several features now, coolant, spindle on/off, and dwells. Here is a screen shot of part of program. What to for example slow now moves 15 and 16.

    1: UFRAME_NUM=1 ;

    2: UTOOL_NUM=6 ;

    3:J P[1] 50% FINE ;

    4:J P[2] 50% FINE ;

    5:J P[3] 50% FINE ;

    6:J P[4] 50% FINE ;

    7:J P[5] 50% FINE ;

    8: DO[3]=ON ;

    9: DO[5]=ON ;

    10: WAIT 5.00(sec) ;

    11: R[1]=R[4] ;

    12:L P[6] 300mm/sec FINE ;

    13: CALL DRILL ;

    14:L P[7] 300mm/sec FINE ;

    15:J P[8] 50% FINE ;

    16:J P[9] 50% FINE ;

    17:L P[10] 300mm/sec FINE ;

    18: CALL DRILL ;

    19:L P[11] 300mm/sec FINE ;

    20:J P[12] 50% FINE ;

    21:J P[13] 50% FINE ;

    22:L P[14] 300mm/sec FINE ;

    23: CALL DRILL ;

    Thanks, Jon

    Hello all. We have a Fanuc M710IC50 robot that we drill aluminum castings with. We program the robot with Mastercam 5-axis drill and Robotmaster. I would like to know if there is a way to add dwells and turn the coolant on/off where needed. We currently add all this at the robot once the program has been uploaded to the pendent. It makes for a lot of editing and was hoping I could do this in Mastercam or Robotmaster.