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    Hello everyone, I want to write an overview / analysis of the current market for cobots and maybe include an outlook showing how it will develop in the coming years regarding market share of the hole industrial robot market and sold units.
    As much as I know there are no separate numbers from the ifr for cobots today, does anybody know alternative source? All I found where market analyses from market research services.

    Okay, apparently you've got to use frame.copyWithRedundancy(), but when trying out to get the joint angles for the target frame I monitored that the angles from the getInverseKinematicFromFrameAndRedundancy function differ from the actual angles displayed on the smart pad when the target frame was reached.
    The frame which I use as endpoint has been teached and is recalculated with an offset.
    For better undersanding here my code:

    package tests;

    import static com.kuka.roboticsAPI.motionModel.BasicMotions.ptp;
    import gripper.Gripper;

    import javax.inject.Inject;
    import javax.inject.Named;

    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.applicationModel.RoboticsAPIApplication;
    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.deviceModel.JointEnum;
    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.deviceModel.JointPosition;
    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.deviceModel.LBR;
    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.geometricModel.AbstractFrame;
    import com.kuka.roboticsAPI.geometricModel.Frame;
    import com.kuka.task.ITaskLogger;

    public class MyApplication extends RoboticsAPIApplication {

    private ITaskLogger logger;

    private LBR robot;

    private Gripper gripper;

    public void initialize() {
    robot = getContext().getDeviceFromType(LBR.class);


    public void run() {

    Frame frame;

    frame = getFrame(getApplicationData().getFrame("/ChocolateHandover"), 0, 0, 100, 0, 0, 0);

    frame = getFrame(getApplicationData().getFrame("/HomePosition"), 0, 0, 100, 0, 0, 0);

    public Frame getFrame(AbstractFrame frame, double x, double y, double z, double alpha, double beta, double gamma) {
    Frame newFrame = frame.copyWithRedundancy();

    newFrame.setX(newFrame.getX() + x);
    newFrame.setY(newFrame.getY() + y);
    newFrame.setZ(newFrame.getZ() + z);
    newFrame.setAlphaRad(newFrame.getAlphaRad() + alpha * Math.PI / 180);
    newFrame.setBetaRad(newFrame.getBetaRad() + beta * Math.PI / 180);
    newFrame.setGammaRad(newFrame.getBetaRad() + gamma * Math.PI / 180);

    return newFrame;

    private void showJoints(Frame frame){
    JointPosition jointPosition = robot.getInverseKinematicFromFrameAndRedundancy(frame);

    double[] target = { jointPosition.get(JointEnum.J1),
    jointPosition.get(JointEnum.J7) };

    String message = "Target joints:";

    for (int index = 0; index < target.length; index++) {
    message += " " + Math.toDegrees(target[index]);

    Do I use the copyWithRedundancy() incorrect or maybe at the wrong place?

    I have a question regarding the lbr.getInverseKinematicFromFrameAndRedundancy(tarFrame) in Sunrise OS. As I understand this function Target Frame calculates the joint angles which are desired to reach the target frame.

    Trying it on the current frame works but when using the target frame the message „Redundancy information is null“ appears. Is there a certain way to retrieve the target frame with the redundancy information. Maybe someone who already used the function can give me a hint what has to be considered.