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    I need to make a relative movement with axis 6 at a specific speed of m/s.

    The PTP_REL (a6 -320) instruction does not have the possibility of doing it in m/s, only in %... since kuka does not allow LIN_REL (a6 -320) to be set.

    The robot is a Kuka Krc1.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    You have a syntax error for two reasons. The Rx is not allowed, and you omitted the tool. You might be able to combine the Offset function with a reltool, but the tool would need to be a dummy, remote TCP which has an origin either the same X,Y,Z of the point to move to, or, just a null value 0,0,0. The quaternions should be 1,0,0,0.

    Hi! thanks!

    I have tried setting the offset with the reltool with tool0 and it continues to do the Rx orientation with respect to the tool.

    MoveL Offs(RelTool(pFound,0,0,0\Rx:=15),0,0,0), v60, z0, tool0;

    I can't make the relative movement (Rx) with respect to World.

    I think that ABB does not give that option or at least I don't know about it.


    I need to make a movement in Rx relative to another, but that movement has to be relative to World and not to the tool

    Move Retool doesn't give me this option because it moves relative to the tool.

    What instruction do I have to use?

    I usually program KRL with KUKA and the relative movement in KUKA is:

    LIN REL { a 10, b 1 , c 7}

    this is relative to world

    Thank you!

    Thank you Hermann,

    Is it possible that in the relative point the name of the point does not appear?

    for example, in Kuka it would be like this:

    1. PTP P2 CONT vel=100 % PDAT19 Tool[1]:GRIP Base[0]

    2. LIN_REL {Z-100}

    Here the LIN_REL is separated from the point P2

    Does ABB have this instruction?

    I need it to shuffle the robot in -Z


    LIN_REL {Z-100}


    Thank you!

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