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    Read the Kuka profinet option manual. It goes into details about the signal mapping of safety inputs and what needs to be satisfied. On the Siemens side you will need to configure the appropriate GSDML in your project, and take special note of the F_DB that is associated with the robot controller. After startup, the profisafe configuration requires user acknowledgement to reintegrate the network, and this is handled through this F_DB. See this thread: How to use the Profisafe communication in TIA portal?

    Ultimately it is up to you or a qualified systems engineer to design your safety system in such a way that it meets the needs of your risk assessment.

    This thread may help: How to use the Profisafe communication in TIA portal?

    Key point is to make sure that the Profisafe addresses match in both Work Visual (or SmartPad) and in TIA, the default address is 7 on the Kuka side of things. After that, you need to acknowledge the communication handshake, if I recall there is a safe DB in TIA that you will need to read and write from to handle the acknowledgement, or use the global ack block in your F program.

    All of the inputs on the KRC4 SIB are "pulse coded", so I believe you will need to use safety relays in between your safety controllers outputs and the SIB inputs.

    The KRC4 manual covers this in-depth, I would suggest reading it to understand the requirements or hiring an integrator that has experience working with safety systems.

    What would the acknowledgement do? The external e-stop signal on X11 does not require acknowledgement as far as I can remember. Are you referring to enclosure interlocks such as a safety gate, ect?

    I don't think you're going to be very successful with just a scanner as a Safety master. There are a lot of other signals that need to be satisfied such as external E-Stop which you should always provide as a physical mushroom somewhere.

    If you're using CIP Safety, you cannot use any X11 connections.

    My error if the GSDML isn't found on the D:\ drive...

    Make sure the profinet device name matches the name in your TIA project, as well as setting the profisafe ID in your project the same as it on the robot.

    The device name should be set in WorkVisual in the Profinet settings. In TIA set it by selecting the device and looking at the device properties > General > Profinet Interface. I used the "converted name" from TIA in Work Visual.

    The profisafe ID is default set to 7, but may need to be changed depending on other F-I/O on your network. It can be changed by going to Menu > Configuration > Safety Configuration > Communication parameters on the smartpad. In TIA, it's found by selecting the "64 Safe I/O" in the Device Overview pane, then properties > profisafe. I've attached a screenshot below of my device config.

    Additionally you may need to set up a method for re-integration if the connection to your robot is interrupted for some reason. In the GSDML I used, it created a system F-I/O DB that handled the F-status bits for integration req, ack, ect... This isn't well documented on the Kuka or Siemens side, and lead to some head scratching on my end when the F-comms would just take a dump and it would only resume after a very specific sequence of restarts with the F-PLC and robot.

    I just finished configuring Profisafe in conjunction with a S7-1215f. Import the Kuka GSDML file (can be found in the option directory on D:\ on the robot) into TIA or Step7 and set it up as a device on your network. You will find the 64 safe I/O, assign them tags or address them directly from your F-Program.

    I ended up removing GripperTech for now, build went well and I only had to clean up a few INI folds to remove my remaining errors. I tried building in WV5 as well, but had the same problem and was hoping 6 would fix it. I have WV3 & 4 on my old laptop, guess I should probably consider installing it on my current laptop as well.

    I've contacted Kuka to try and update this robot from 8.3.10 to a later 8.3.X build, I've run into a few other buggy things that probably warrant the update.

    Thank you all

    The big difference between normal consumer SATA SSDs and "industrial" SSDs is the type of flash cells used. Industrial SSDs will typically use SLC (single level cell) flash which is more robust, less error-prone and have an extended life vs the TLC, QLC or MLC flash that is used in consumer drives. Some high end enterprise grade drives are available, but are typically SAS (serial attached SCSI) and may not be compatible with a KRC.

    This is also often times the difference between the super expensive low capacity SD, MMC, CFast cards and "standard" consumer cards that will be quickly destroyed with repeated write activity + little or no wear management.

    That said I've successfully replaced the drives in many other types of industrial equipment with consumer grade SSDs and haven't had any issues. Usually I will take a full disk image after everything is reinstalled and back into a functioning state, and back it up to an USB spinner that's stored in the electrical cabinet.

    WorkVisual 6. Installed by downloading the KOP to my local PC, open the Option packages management dialog, selected the active profile, then the '+' button, select the .KOP file, follow the on screen dialog box.

    I just tried deselecting "prevent code generation" and I was able to deploy, but the robot is still riddled with compilation errors upon startup and SPS.sub will not start. Looking at the errors they all seem to be related to gripper tech.

    Maybe I should just uninstall gripper tech on the robot? This is an used robot and this option is not a requisite for the new application.


    Hello all,

    I've got another problem with Work Visual that I'm hoping to resolve. I've got a 2014 KRC4 Std with KSS 8.3.10 installed, along with several options. I'm trying to build a new project in work visual to deploy to the robot but am having a problem with one specific option package, GripperSpotTech. I've pulled the KOP file from the D:\ drive an installed it into Work Visual, and it registers as version Unfortunately when I go to deploy the project I get the error: "The option 'GripperTech' reference in the Project in the controller "" is not installed in WorkVisual. Please install the option in version ''"

    I've built the project without the option but I get a number of errors on the robot relating to undeclared variables, data types, ect.

    I'm sure I'm missing something stupid again, can anyone help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

    I've got a 2014 KRC4 running KSS 8.3.10 and am trying to deploy a clean build out of Workvisual 6 but it appears that the earliest supported version is 8.3.12. I can open the existing projects on the controller and modify them, but for my needs it would be best to start from a clean slate. The earliest version of Work Visual I have installed is 5.0, and it has the same problem with only supporting 8.3.12+, and trying to download WorkVisual 4 from Kuka is currently saying it will take 4 days.

    Is it possible to deploy a project to an unsupported firmware version, or add support for earlier firmware?

    I've reached out to Kuka support to find out if it's possible to upgrade the KSS version to a newer release, but it's been a few days and I've yet to hear back from them.


    Thanks for the help. After re-loading the images from 2014 I was able to get the system to boot and the SP to connect. I wasn't able to track down the passwords for the robot but I was able to get the siemens IPC to get the system out of e-stop and jog the robot to transport position without needing elevated permissions. The robot and accessories are now safely packed in a shipping container and on their way back to my facility where I will have more time to sort through things. I have a feeling that I've got some learning ahead of me as this will be my first exposure to Profisafe/Siemens integrated safety through WinAC.

    So I'm onsite now and it may have bigger issues. The EOAT that was removed appears to have had some Profisafe nodes so the whole system is in e-stop. Additionally, I seem to have boot issues as neither the SmartPad nor my laptop will connect to the KR C4, no IP via KSP, flashing light 1 solid light 6.

    Luckily there was a recovery stick in the control cabinet and it has images from 2015 so I will try restoring from those after pulling new images down on my stick.

    Can I build a new image without a functioning safety system? I've only ever purchased systems with SIB/X11 and this system is totally configured for safety via X66...

    The true ArcTech package has a lot of additional functionality and would require an automation interface for the welder power supply.

    Honestly for a quick-n-dirty solution I would look at mounting the standard torch and actuating the trigger via a pneumatic cylinder to avoid interference issues triggering the welder electronically.

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