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    I have one problem with my controller, cpu module switching on/off the I press bottom ON from my controller, I think the problem is in operator board somebody can help me what is possible problem?

    Hello everybody I have one problem with my controller. I can’t boot or start any screen in my tp I changed the cable and to for other one and always have the same screen on my tp :help:
    First problem I saw when I turn it on controller tp cable broke the fuse F3 and replace the cable then the robot works correctly but when I press deadman and shift again the fuse F3 broke
    Then I repair the cable and work on other controller and put again and the screen is a waiting never start. And boot

    I stay in this screen
    Vram, cgram clear. : complete
    Internal ram testing. : ok
    External ram testing. : ok but with characters (ian8)&49ji$)