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    Hello forum,

    I just got a new job as coating engineer and in my new company the robots are ABB (I used to paint with Fanuc P50iB).

    Is there any manual that you can share for programming the IRC5P?

    Thanks in advance!

    Make an attachment for the Spray Gun that shows you where your fan pattern is. We use zipties and a laser pointer in a 3d printed module.

    Works great for visualizing angles and areas that might mask off the spray.

    Do you have a photo that you can share of your attachment, I've tried the zip ties but directly on the spray gun ring.

    Hi again HawkME!

    I tried to find any physical dimensions that were different, and everything is the same, I mean with some slight tolerance, but the same. Distance from Axis 6 to paint gun is the same, orientation, home position, etc.

    I tried to make some changes and a new quesiton comes up, both robots when I'm in jogging mode they move the same in X, Y & Z. But when I make an offset in X it really moves in Y and viceversa... How come?

    I really appreciate your replies, I will make manual measurements of this during the weekend and I hope I can find a physical difference and then adjust the frames.

    I will reply as soon as I find out anything relevant!

    How far off are they? Can you take the robots to the same real world position, maybe with the paint nozzle at the corner of a frame. Then compare positions on the position screen. Make sure orientation is the same when doing this test.

    I will try this during the weekend, right now the coating line is in series production. What I did as containment action was to run the program in Robot 1 then mark the piece in a point with a reference and then compare that same point in Robot 2, after that I made a program shift until the 2 positions were "the same".

    The program shift that helped me was X: -20.00; Y: -35:00; Z: -5.00; in milimeters.

    I'm sorry for the ignorance but how would I know I'm at the corner of the frame?

    Are the machines phiscally identical? Even a small change in the mounting position of the robot can make a difference and its obvious the did not teach a proper user and tool frame so all bets are off.

    Yes they are phisically identical, at least theoretically. The even share the curing conveyor, after coating another robot transfers the pieces from the coating line to the curing line.

    To what extend "This new Robot cell is a "clone" of the first one?"

    Did you copy file from the first one?

    A "clone" in terms of: the same company built the coating line with the same drawings of the first one (two years apart).

    They have equal dimensions, equal distribution, equal robot mount, equal AHUs, equal conveyor, equal sensors, etc. They even share the fixtures for the products.

    Regarding the copy of I would need to check with the integrator, but I dont think so (is there any way to know at this point?). The only things I copied were the TP programs that I created in robot 1 for coating the different products.

    Hello you all,

    I recently received a new P50iB Fanuc robot in my coating line. This new Robot cell is a "clone" of the first one I had installed, a replica of the first coating line. Same dimensions, same parameters, same supplier, same tool offset, same all.

    What we did after installation is that all coating routines (TP programs) were copied from Robot 1 to Robot 2, but unfortunately the robot position in each point of the programs is not the same between robots. This is creating coating defects because of not following the original points the program was intended to follow.

    I have several questions and I hope you can help me:

    1. Why do you think this happens? There should be a logical explanation for this.

    2. Is there any solution for this? If not I will have to make a coating routine for the same product twice (the should be coated in both coating lines)


    I hope y'all are doing okay during this COVID-19 season. I try to keep my hands busy and today I began debugging my robot routines.

    I'm trying to review all of them and let them as neat as possible.

    The question is:

    Is there any easy way to put all the position numbers in order without having to teach again?

    Right now my routines have some added points and now the numbering isn't in order, that kinda bothers me and now that I have time I would like to change that.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    I've have a FANUC PaintMate 50iB/10L with R-30iB Mate Controller, but oddly it has isntalled HandlingTool software (insted of PaintTool) but does have an Paint Plug In option.
    The main question is about the values I use for atomization, fan and flow. All this values are stored in numeric registers for each different piece I paint.
    The thing is the values are only like:

    Model Flow Atom Fan
    001 4.3 14 12
    002 5 22 19

    I want to know the measuring units for each parameter, because If we want to change the spray pattern or amount of paint I'm going blind as where I'm headed by modyfing this values. I've written my FANUC representative in my country but still no answer.
    The main topic is also for standardization of the air units, because the gauges in the air line are in MPa, the treshold of the gun in it's manual is specified in Bar, and in the robot I don't even know what I'm measuring.

    I hope someone can help, thanks in advance! on the md: device contains all the numeric registers in a human readable format. You could copy it from the md: device to your usb stick, or pull it off via ftp, or goto the robot's homepage via a web browser and look at it there.

    Thanks for your answer! The thing is as follows, I don't know how to access md: :icon_redface:, is it possible you can guide me on this? And on the other hand how would I be able to acces it via FTP or Web Browser? Where can I find the settings for this?

    Sorry, as I already told this is my first interaction with Industrial Robots, I really only know the basics of writing a program.

    EDIT: I tried to look for the web browser option but the robot doesn't have an IP, I checked this on the Setup menu and HostComm and the IP address shows only *****************.

    EDIT 2: I managed to get the file from the MD, thank you for your time!

    Greetings, I've have a FANUC PaintMate 50iB/10L with R-30iB Mate Controller, I'm new to this world of robot programming, but I always try to learn as much as I can, right now I will like to know if there is a way to export the DATA Registers from the iPendant, this Registers are the ones that give the defined values for Atomization, Fan and Flow air pressures to the robot programs, I've to be doing a monitoring of these values daily to check if someone changes them, and up until today I did this by checking one by one and writing them down, but this is very time consuming because they are over 100 hundred Registers and I imagine there is a way to export them to a USB directly from iPendant and check them in the computer.

    I hope this question doesn't represent any inconvenience, thanks in advance.