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    i have had an m97 controller die, no power from transformer to x3 connection on power supply.
    an electrician has checked it on site and says all phases are present and breakers are ok.
    has anyone experienced this? any common faults?

    thanks in advance dave

    ok thanks for your suggestions.
    in the end i fixed the robot on site, during operation we were getting an axis 6 not synchronised message.
    after research on this site it seemed most likely the feedback cable where it coils around axis 5 so replaced upper cable and it has fixed the problem!

    thought it might help someone with a simular problem

    i have a problem with a robot on site and believe it will turn out to be the upper or base cable,
    quickest resolution for the customer would be a robot swap, this robot is connected to a m97 controller
    but the robots i have in stock are m98! is the robot arm interchangeable?
    i know computer boards are different in controllers but ideally just a robot arm swap

    thanks in advance

    very helpfull vegas 1288
    only this week one of my robots has been giving the same problem with axis 6
    has anyone considered splicing both connectors onto new cable between motor and base cable connections behind smb?