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    You can copy AWExWPy.VR where x is Equipment number and y Weld Procedure number. I think it is necessary to have same equipment if you want to copy AWExWPy as there are not only welding parameters in file but also equipment specific settings.

    Having this same issue. Can’t get weld schedules/descriptions to transfer over to another identical robot/welder config. The AWE1WP01.vr says “program is protected” when I try and load it in a regular startup or in a controlled start. And not protected as in write protected in the detail screen for the job, that is off. Any thoughts?


    Hi, in full-speed auto my servo guns seem slow to open and close and I can't achieve cycle time. I am looking for ideas on how to speed up. Any help appreciated.

    Gary, have you considered removing some a couple spot welds? That should save you maybe 4s. [emoji38]

    Sorry I am fairly self taught on these robots, and am not sure which standard this would be referring to (global 2 perhaps?) I have since learned that the robot will call a sealer handshake in the background at the end of any sealer process routines regardless of dispense complete macro called which is what I was confused about, but as the original macro is p-code I'm fairly sure there is no way I can find out what it consisted of myself to determine which i/o states are necessary when leaving the process routine, I am in touch with one of the line builders and will hopefully find out soon, thanks anyways

    I’ve always found you needed to have a few extra robot moves in your process job before you exit out into your main routine. This gives time for the disp comp to finish. I’m assuming you’re calling from you main routine in to your JOB which calls your PROCESS which is where the actual dispense takes place?

    Generally it’s
    R1 + S3:S3
    R2 + S3:S3
    For the coordinated job anyways.
    Some ppl just call a Coord job specifically for the Coord section as the job gets twice as long as it records 2 lines per position. Use Tsync commands at your arc starts to synch your ignitions. Have same number of points in the weld seams that travel the same distance. Define weld points as:

    MOVC V=40

    So that the positioner will travel the speed you define for your TCP

    This might be incredibly simple, but in s dispense program I need to stop the actual dispense prior to the termination point to prevent the "tail" or excess form dragging or disrupting the pattern. How do I fire the DO in motion prior to the termination point?

    Heck, how do I fire a DO before or after any motion?

    Again this might be Robot 101 but I can't for the life of me figure it out.

    Yup I agree. Can use the time or distance before option on the last point of your path. I’ve also had success with doing a back step motion and slightly upward back along the sealant path to allow the tail fall back on the bead. Time permitting of course.

    NO, the only position we have stored as a variable is the home position and it is only used in a job to send the robot back to the home position.

    Sounds like the NuTech cell, I know this job....

    I’m guessing a comarc and or touch sensing issue. Did you change wire manufacturers? When was the last time comarc was calibrated? Try running without comarc and see. Maybe weld grounding causing intf in comarc readings.