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    I am looking for a way to change the positional data of a user frame only in the x direction using a numerical input via HMI on the teach pendant. I may be going at it wrong, we have a square tube and on the side of it another gets attached in various positions accordingly to print, only changing in the x direction.

    Fanuc i30ib, 120l

    Good morning,
    I am trying to set up a new jig of ours and need some insight. The jig is designed to hold same style part but 8 different lengths, think of a ladder with rungs. I want to make the robot search for the "rungs" to determine the "rungs" that will be welded to the sides. this jig is mounded on the same rotating axis as positioner and will need multiple rotations to reach all points needing welding.

    Fanuc R30 with dual 120 arms. Lincoln power wave with touch sensing and torchmate.

    We are currently building a Rotary Table and are stuck on a few choices. We have a Spare Fanuc Rotary aiF 22/3000 and am wandering if anyone has attempted to use a Fanuc rotary as a 7th axis for a Kuka 350 with KR2 controller? :stupid:

    On the other hand we have a Kuka 200 robot that we are pondering taking the servo and gearbox from axis 3, would have to fabricate quite a bit to build a structure capable of handling it all. Anyone have any examples on this direction?