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    Does anybody know if it's possible to extend number of selection items in Menu Utility - Select from a list (R577)

    I'd like to have a pop up screen with more options than 8 ( I need 10). Is there any way to do that?

    Many thanks! Obviously, it worked pretty well :icon_smile:. I've mistaken CSTOPI (UOP signal) with c-stop (controlled stop). That's why I thought I couldn't use this option.



    Is there any other option to send an abort signal from PLC to Robot, except c-stop for abort option? The reason I'm asking is in my project robot is integrated with an assembly machine incorporated with a light curtain which is connected to the robot as a fence. I don't want to abort program whenever a light guard is broken, but I'd like to give a choice to the operator. Because it's a standalone machine, not a workcell I also don't want the operator to touch teach pendant to often, so I'd prefer to send it from HMI.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.