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    I'm starting my adventure with robots.

    I'm using:
    -SimPro 1.1
    -OfficeLite 4.1(KRC3)

    I defined Tool (Configure>>Tool Definition>> 0 Tool Type), configured I/O for Gripper( Configure>>I/O >>Gripper). Finally I see Gripper Status on the left of the screen, after click I see change in I/O status window.

    In SimPro Generic Two Finger Gripper is mounted on robot.

    I entered the same inputs and outputs in Simpro 1.1 for %GRIPPER_GRASP and %GRIPPER_RELEASE (in Teach window).

    When I want close or open gripper in T1 nothing happend, the same situation is when I want grab some box using KRC(OfficeLite).

    I will be very grateful for any help. :help: