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    We had re-greased and replaced the batteries last week. When we started up this week, the servo 68 dterr kept coming up. Restarting wasn't doing anything; next we unplugged the RP1 cable and sprayed contact cleaner; furthermore, we cleaned off the ground cable and rewired that. When we ran it, we ran at 50%, it ran for about 20 seconds, then faulted with DTERR on axis 5 and 6. We cycled power, then ran at 10%, then slowly bumped it up. Now it ran at 80% for about 10 minutes. We will see how it runs on Monday, but I wouldn't have thought DTERR would've been the alarm if we greased it too much or if there was a grounding issue or problem with any of the cables.

    At one point, on the POSN screen, all the degrees on each joint just kept climbing up or down forever, so I had to reboot to clear that out. Not sure what would cause that?

    My issue is I am getting a srvo 68 DTERR alarm. We tried new amplifier, new RM1 cable (from robot to controller), and cleaned out the RP1 cable. It will run a program, and then we open the safety fence and let the robot sit there during break. When we come back, it's faulted out with the DTERR alarm; after recycling power, it says "please power off if you want to recover"; estops don't work, and if you try running the main program, it faults out with INTP-222 MCTL-003.

    I've been backing up the image files and All of the above before we change any parts, so if I lose the master, my plan is to just restore the AoA and image files, and I should be good to go right? I won't have to master anything in that case?

    Controller Type: Fanuc R30iA

    Good morning, we have to change out our EE cable, but all six joints are at different degrees (see picture). Once we change this cable out, I assume I will have to re-master. What type of Mastering should I do on my robot? I have an image backup and an AoA "all of the above" backup as well. I want to master it so that we don't have to touch up any points.


    I am getting "SRVO-223 DSP dry run alarm (9.1)" and "SRVO-058 FSSB 1 init error (2)". I checked the optical fiber FSSB cable, I am getting one red light on both sides. We swapped out the entire servo amplifier module, and still I am getting INTP-222 when running the main routine.

    We have our yellow drives power unit board, I see 4 status lights, with the top two alternating in blinking, and the bottom two are solid, which the manual says it is running in normal operation. What else can I check?

    Good afternoon all,

    This morning, we tried to run our normal main routine on the robot, but I keep getting this error: INTP-222. I checked the alarm code, but it did not provide any troubleshooting tips. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Before running the program, I keep getting a message saying "please power off if you want to recover". I restarted then tried running my routine, but get the same error. I aborted routine, and tried running other routines solo, but kept getting INTP-105. I contacted Fanuc and waiting on their reply, and wanted to see if anyone else shared the same experience and could share their solution? Thanks, have a great day!

    *Edit: Controller is Fanuc R30iA

    Thanks for the reply pdl, I bought Duracell's "Procell" D size battery. I am unsure if they are industrial grade or not, but praying they last at least one year, since our Preventative maintenance routine calls to change them out once a year.

    Good afternoon all,

    Our robot uses four D size batteries, Part #A98L-0031-0005 from Fanuc. Does anyone know whether these are standard alkaline batteries I can buy from Wal-mart? I have not had the chance to open the battery case for myself due to our tight production schedule.

    Also, would lithium batteries be the better option and last longer compared to alkaline? We are looking at changing these batteries once a year on our annual preventative maintenance (PM) schedule. Thanks!:thumbup:

    Is it advisable to write a program in BG logic only and not have an actual program? For example, I have an entry conveyor, 3 machines, and exit conveyor. Is it possible to just write BG logic so when door is open, cycle complete, and part is unclamped, for robot to grab the part and drop into exit conveyor? Then robot go and load entry conveyor?

    This would help get rid of all the jumps and label commands in the regular program perhaps? It's just always scanning to see which machine is ready to be loaded / unloaded, unlike a regular program where you have to add a label and jump to make it continuously loop?

    Here in US, there is a company called ICR [industrial control repair], which repaired my teach pendant for $1150.00 us dollars, for small issue inside teach pendant and cracked casing, so you should find something less than above amount.