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    Just wanted to say thanks for the help. Everything is working great now and i was able tp simplify alot of my code! I have a good grasp on Transformation Value Operators. So again thanks! Maybe next time i wont over complicate things 🤣

    Then read the AS manual, look for Transformation Value Operators.

    Do you know exactly what your end goal is?

    Are you trying to overcomplicate something simple?

    Instead of talking 'code', why not explain in basic terms what you are trying to achieve?

    Instead of talking 'code', why not explain in basic terms what you are trying to achieve?

    So it's a polish wheel.

    I am using that XMOVE to wait for a VFD feedback signal from PLC to stop me and save this to foundpos then compare 'foundpos' to 'taughtpos1' to determine the amount of offset in Tool Z Direction for the wore down wheel.

    Then adjust all my original points using HDAWEAR and their original position data.

    Are you trying to overcomplicate something simple?

    I didn't have a full understanding of Transformation Value Operators and the fact that it isn't just math so potentially i was/am.

    I guess I don't understand why writing it backward from what I had comes out with that 70mm in z when the data is the same. That makes 0 sense to me.

    TCP works well yes it is good.

    POINT searching = taughtpos1+TRANS(0,0,70,0,0,0)

    Works well moves along z axis in tool 70mm yet the data says 3 in hdawear variable.

    I clearly see the robot in KRoset move the full 70mm.

    So when i try to use the hdawear variable to create what should have been a 70mm z offset i am getting 3.

    Where are your values for:

    - taughtpos1 - Drove robot to position created a block step ran HERE command

    - searching - Defined in the first post LINE 6

    - foundpos - Defined in first post LINE 9

    See the attached pic in the previous post with their values. using list/L

    So DECOMPOSE is just setting XYZOAT to 6 array elements in which are all still relative to base.

    When grabbing the Z element I am getting the same result as below just broken out in to seperate elements:

    POINT/Z hdawear = foundpos-taughtpos1 ; SETS ONLY Z VALUE TO HDAWEAR

    Which isn't right I shifted 70mm in TOOL Z using TRANS and somehow the Z element is telling me I only move ~3mm which is just confusing the heck out of me.

    So this is fine until I get my "foundpos" and try to apply it to the "taughtpos1".

    I really only want to know the difference in Tool direction Z and apply this to all existing variables.

    It seems every time I run it, it still wants to reference TCP to the base for this calculation.

    Maybe I am miss understanding or didn't explain that right?

    So I move into part lets say 15 mm of the 70 I shifted above in tool.

    I then want to take that 15 mm in tool Z that I got from my XMOVE and apply to my posoffset1.

    The difference of foundpos and taughtpos1 in Z tool direction needs to be saved in hdawear and applied to part1og1 as an 'offset'.


    I am trying to get the attached program to work properly. It works ok besides the fact that all of my calculations are done in base coords. Is there a way to get this to work with TDRAW or otherwise to make the shifts and calculations based on the TCP? I run the GET HEAD WEAR below and then run the PROCESS PART pg.

    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og1  LMOVE posofst1
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og2  LMOVE posofst1;
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og3  LMOVE posofst1
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og4  LMOVE posofst1
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og5  LMOVE posofst1
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og6  LMOVE posofst1
    ;  POINT posofst1 = hdawear+part1og7  LMOVE posofst1;

    I am working on making a Fanuc program work on Kawasaki but i am having difficulty with how to handle the following situation:

    In the Fanuc PG it seemed PLC was writing directly to a register and they were using this register to create an offset.

    Is there a way to do this in Kawasaki? Have PLC write to a variable? Or do i need to create a group input from PLC with bits in a PC program?

    EG: Fanuc Version, Whereas R[101] is the register to which PLC writes.

    !X ;    
    R[21]=(R[101]*(-1)) ; PR[11,1]=PR[11,1]-R[21]    ;     
    !Y ;    
    R[22]=(R[101]*0) ; PR[11,2]=PR[11,2]-R[22]    ; 
    !Z ;   
    R[23]=(R[101]*0) ; PR[11,3]=PR[11,3]-R[23]    ;   
    UTOOL[1]=PR[11] ;

    EG: Kawasaki version,

    I keep getting variable undefined (Obviously they aren't defined but I can define them in the terminal to get it to run).

    How will PLC write to "HDAWEAR"?

     ;  X ;  
     ;  Y ;  
     ;  Z ;  



    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with setting these systems up. Currently I am working in job mode on the Fronius and I can't get anything else to work. I was reading that you could set up the I/O manually the Fronius weld library was not 100% necessary. Can someone she'd some light on this for me?

    Fanuc ArcMate 120iB


    Fronius transpuls synergic 4000 CMT

    Connection ETHERNET IP

    Yes negative end being -10000, i went into measure > external kinematic > root point and moved it point ok for both i can now move it in negative direction. My question is where should i be putting these points.
    Sorry this is my first time trying to get a robot setup. Been a long 2 months.

    soft ends are set to 10,000 each. Not sure where to see current position of E1, i have moved several times in positive direction, changed those soft variables to multiple values no change.....

    In search of technician or company/individual that is familiar with these GM KRC2 cabinets and Square-D weld controllers. I am needing on site service technician that can trouble shoot the function of the weld gun through device net and the Kuka teach pendant preferably onsite support.

    Going to be calling in someone more competent. I do not know what is going on with this system.
    Told them i wouldn't do very well with Kuka as i have never touched one before but i gave it the ole' college try.

    I/O block on gun flashing red net/mod status and green aux power status.
    I/O block near back of gun shows green for net/mod status.

    Trying to use manual weld i get the following:
    Pendant still throws "Process 1 complete not received." after weld timer box faults out for "Fault 52 > no current 2 cycles."
    Pneumatic gun still uncontrollable.

    The IO on the DEVnet module shows aux power good, net/mod status blinking red.
    Weld timer is hooked up.
    Manual weld you can hear the weld controller/timer kick on and gives me a no current 2 cycles fault. Probably because the gun never closed to pass current?