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    I think I got the problem solved, by restoring the KrcExtConfMsg.xml file to it's default values. I had two lines of codes in it to ignore som error codes, which haven't caused any issue prior to the restart.


    KSS: 8.6.7

    ROBOT: KR10 R1420


    I've suddenly gotten this issue with a robot.

    Error while reading KrcExtConfMsg.xml which leads to when I click it, Too many slots used, KRC_IO.xml.

    Prior to this issue I have restarted the robot with Reload files ticked and then the problem showed itself. So the file has been altered at some point before the restart.

    But I can not figure out what to change in the .xml file.

    The controller does not have ProfiNET or any other fieldbus other than the EtherCAT Beckhoff modules for IO.

    The robotic cell has two of these robots with the same configuration and the other robot does not have the same issue.


    Same question? do you know how to solve it. I remember there is a xml file but the name i dont remember.

    It is answered in #2, but I'll make it easy for you ;)

    - Find C:\KRC\SmartHMI\Config\Authentication.config

    - Set <LeaseTime>0</LeaseTime> (Within the yellow box)

    - Restart controller

    I've got success with just altering the top most value.

    This may be a basic function and everybody knows how to do it, but not me.

    How do I alter the description for IO Mapping?

    I've been looking through most but apparently not all menu's and can't seem to find a way to make my own inputs for IO Descriptions.

    Thanks in advance


    KSS 8.6 & KSS 8.7 (I have had two system do this)

    I will make a KRCDiag when possible and send it to KUKA support.

    I have that issue regularly since KSS 8.5. I contacted Kuka about it and they are aware of the bug but apparently still not resolved.

    You can restart the SmartHMI from running SmartHMI.exe located in C:\KRC\SmartHMI.

    Thanks. I'll try that next time, if it happens again.

    But I did manage to find StartKRC.exe that did the same thing 10 min. after I created this thread.

    I'm unsure which one of the two is the correct way to do it.

    Thanks for the description.

    As for your last paragraph regarding feedback, I'll try to update this topic, and when I contact KUKA I will have a better understanding of the terms.

    It was difficult for me to describe my issue



    No I did not manage to solve the issue. And I've had alot of other projects in the meantime so I can't quiet remember what workaround I got working.

    I think for the simulation, I had some timers that I tweaked to match the simulation.



    As pointed out by SBDP_4.0 you could use C:\KRC\SmartHMI\SmartHMI.exe to restart the software.


    I've got a strange problem on two of the eight robots I have at a clients warehouse.

    The SmartPAD would suddenly close or crash the SmartHMI and just leave me with the bare Windows 10 desktop.

    Q: Is it possible to boot the SmartHMI again, from the Windows desktop, without restarting the controller?

    A: Yes, see update above this.

    I've tried unplugging the SmartPAD by pressing the top button and pulling out the cable leaving it for 2 min., but it just boots up with the same screen as attached.


    KSS 8.6 & 8.7 (Two different robots, running almost same setup.)

    A ref_test call is triggered when a reboot of the controller has been performed or when a mayor change to the safety system.

    I do not have a link to the specific documentation, but I've read it somewhere.



    RobotStudio 2022.1 (64-bit)

    Version 22.1.9826.0

    Release Notes

    You have the latest version.

    Supports RobotWare 5.06 to 6.13 and 7.0 to 7.6, including revisions.

    Virtual controller & robot

    IRB5710 - OmniCore V250XT


    I'm making a simulation and I need to make a DO to have the simulation do what I want.

    But each time I try to create one, in Controller > Configuration > I/O System, I get this error.

    I can't seem to find the correct information about the long error code "-1073414146" and the things I've found does not make sense in my head.

    Is this because of the new Omnicore controller has a different "How-To" create signals?


    Do you have the actual KRC4? Simplest way to get a screenshot would be to download the ScreenShot package from

    #2 No I do not have the KRC4 on hand. It's at the customers, that hasn't installed internet in the building yet and he is located 3 hours away. But the screenshot option is already installed on the robots. :)

    But I need to be on site to do so.

    #3 Yes, thank you. That's what I was looking for. Even though that the cell has 8 robots, they each have their own controller so the second picture is sufficient.




    Is someone able to help me?

    I'm in need of a screenshot from the smartPAD of the operating mode screen, when the mode key is turned. It's for a manual.

    I do not have a physical controller on hand, and the OfficeLite does not have the screen but only a dropdown menu.


    Basically what I need is a screenshot of the whole image shown on the screen when the key is turned clockwise. If possible one image with each mode active (T1, T2, Aut and Ext), would be much appreciated :)

    I'm deeply thankful to the person who would help me :)


    I'm still emailing back and forth with KUKA. I've tried all V6 revisions.

    .13, .16, .18, .20 with the same result. KUKA says that the can't replicate my issue.
    While this has been an issue I've been working offline, not on site.

    As of today I'm back at the site and I already had the software close without warning. I'm online and I am able to see all controllers (8 robots).

    One thing I have not tried is a new project file. But my superior is not paying me to test the software, so I'll have to deal with the issue until a new project comes up.

    Thanks for the responses.


    #2 Already done that :) Waiting for their reply.

    I actually thought I had the newest (newest is not always better). Downloading it now to see if it helps, or else I'll have to revert to an older version.

    #3 Can't remember exactly, but I try using .exe installers when installing new software.

    Has anyone else a problem with WorkVisual (V6.0.18_Build0748, Buildtime 16 july 2021 09:42) that when left unattended it closes and your non-saved work is gone? ;(

    Besides all the times it crashes when you try to deploy, edit, save, load, modify, click, change, download, type........:cursing:

    I know that different factors are at play here, like my PC, RAM, storage....but for a piece of software that is at V6, should not be this unstable!

    Thanks in $ADVANCE=1 :P


    Hi #2

    Thanks for your response, but I'm not interested in the BRAKE_TEST time interval. I know where to alter this in the menu.

    I'm looking for the interval between MASTERING with the tuning fork attached to the tool, which has to move down to the REFERENCE SWITCH as stated in KUKA.SafeOperation 3.5 - Point 7.7.1.

    I've found this text passage in the manual that states:


    The following events cause a mastering test to be requested:

    • Robot controller is rebooted (internal request)

    • Robot is remastered (internal request)

    • I/O driver is reconfigured (internal request)

    • Only relevant for mastering test via reference switch: Input $MASTERINGTEST_REQ_EXT is set externally, e.g. by a PLC (external request)

    So I guess there is no such thing as a specific time interval between $MASTERINGTEST_REQ_INT being SET HIGH


    I've got two KR C 4 - KR 300 (KSS 8.6) with SafeOperation, that has to do a Mastering- and Brake-test once in a while. The Brake-test is set to 46h(Default) between test's, but I can't find an option or a page in the documentation that says how long there is between Mastering-tests!
    Something tells me that it's done about every 200h, but I can't seem to find the documentation for it.

    One of the KR C4's has just asked for a Matering test due to time overdue. (Can't remember how long since activation)

    Could some of you point me to a document that states the default hours between test?

    Thanks :)