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    It was indeed the axis 6 wire harness. We ohm tested the wires from one end of harness to the other. Third wire we checked, was bad , would go in and out if jiggling the harness ( at the base ).
    After removing the harness and ordering a new one thru ABB ( $1478.00 ) 3HAB7423-1
    WE Dug into the wiring and found 1 wire completely broken in two and 2 more very close to the breaking point.
    I hope this can save someone a lot of headache and downtime.
    Thank you SKOOTER for your input.
    AND it turns out we now have a good used SMB should anybody need one

    Please help!
    I have an ABB 6400 S4C robot that keeps faulting out mid-program. It trips the following errors:
    38031 Resolver Error
    39103 Mains Missing
    10020 Execution error state
    20202 Backplane Enable open
    10014 System failure state
    20012 Sys failure state active
    10005 Program stopped

    When this happens, I have to power cycle the robot in order to get it to do anything, and every time I do this, I have to update the rev counter for axis 6
    Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.