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    2nd update: Solved this a while back. The issue was actually due to the flying start setting, which for TAWERS robots affects both the weld start AND end, so the robot was "flying" away from the weld end. According to support, it shouldn't be affected by the smoothing level. Solution was to disable flying start.

    Update: I fixed the issue. It does seem to have been the smoothing level. Turns out I had set it at 0, then it was reset to my default (SL=6) when I retaught the positions (I deleted the steps and and started over).

    My company just bought a G3 w/ TAWERS. I am having an issue with my weld ends. In manual/test/trace the weld completes where it should, but when running in auto the weld stops short of the last taught point. It doesn't stop at the second to last point, but somewhere in between. I have seen this across multiple programs in both linear and circular interpolation. Sometimes reteaching the points helps, sometimes not. Any ideas?

    UPDATE: I have tried reteaching the circle weld on the latest program so that the torch cable does not wrap around the arm as much. I got the exact same result as before. I have also reduced the smoothing level to 0, no help.

    I am trying to set up an automated way to record position changes. When touching up a program, is there a readable signal when "F5 Touchup" is pressed? Or is there a way to assign it to a DO? Or, is there a way to directly pull that position data, dump it into a text file, then offload it periodically? I know I can use LPOS to record the position, but I don't know how I would trigger it automatically (BG) or have it create a list rather than constantly updating the PR.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I don't know if this is true across Fanuc robots, but the ARCMate100ic/R30ib has a Logbook function with a number of options for recording events.


    You set the number of books using $logbook.$available(0). It logs everything by default to book 1, so you'll need to set the ones you want to record.

    Hope ths helps.

    Can anyone tell me the difference(s) between the UR5e and the AUBO i5? They both have similar functionality in terms of payload, reach, repeatability, but what makes them truly different? UR5e is around $35k USD; i5 is around$20k (from what I've read. I do not have quotes), so what makes the AUBO nearly half the price? I've demoed the UR5e and the user interface is great - intuitive, graphics based, easy to pick up and play. Has anyone used the AUBO? The pictures make the UI look pretty similar to the UR5e's, but its hard to tell.

    If anyone has any experience, stories, or baseless opinions, I'd love to hear them. :merci:

    So I'm having trouble creating a workcell from a backdate file in Roboguide/WeldPro V8 Rev J. All of our robots are ArcMate 100iCs, and on all but one I can create a virtual cell no problem. The one that gives me trouble always hangs in the "Creating Virtual Cell" stage of the process, when roboguide is building the virtual TP and loading all the files. It shows the message "Backup/Restore of device FRA: in process" and the softkeys do not work. I can cancel cell creation from there, so my system is not frozen. I do have autobackup set, but I made sure that the TP showed "Auto-backup complete" and tried again, and got the same problem. Again, I only have this issue on one robot.


    Does anyone know what variable controls the upper and lower limits for setting wire feed speed in weld schedules? For some reason, our robot won't allow me to drop below 100IPS when adjusting weld schedules, despite there being weld settings in programs that are lower than that. My guess is that somewhere along the line a variable got changed. I have lists I've found of system variables, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.

    The controller is an ArcMate 100iBe, Rj3iB TP. Any help is appreciated.


    I got a response from our integrator. The variables to change the limits on wire feed speed (and other things) are:

    $AWEPRR[1]. $Voltage_CMD. $EQ_MIN_IN
    $AWEPRR[1]. $Voltage_CMD. $EQ_MIN_OUT
    $AWEPRRS[1,1]. $Voltage_CMD. $EQ_MIN_IN
    $AWEPRRS[1,1]. $Voltage_CMD. $EQ_MIN_OUT


    Does anyone know a way to print the program list, either to hard copy or text file? I have Roboguide as well as access to the TP. All I'm trying to do is save myself the hassle of writing the list out by hand.

    I'm currently using Vim to view individual files, but what I want is to just see a list of the programs, as though I hit "select" on the TP. I'm going through each program, and I want a simple way to make a checklist.


    Thanks for the input. According to Lincoln's Powerwave support, the new S350s are NOT compatible with robot applications. :wallbash:

    Nobody, from our sales rep to the powerwave tech, was aware of this change. The tech was told by engineering WHILE we were troubleshooting over the phone. TF.

    We've recently had to buy a new Lincoln Powerwave S350 for our robot. We're swapping out an S350 that we normally use for hand welding, and prior to that we had an S350 that went bad, so the robot should have no trouble interfacing with the powersource. However, when we tried setting up the new one, we got an error (on the Lincoln) indicating "auto-mapping has failed". I believe we went through and changed the IP addresses (it was our 2nd shift that attempted the changeover.)

    We are using an R30iB, RJ3iB, and an ARC Mate 100iC.

    Does anyone know what could be happening? What we might have overlooked?

    A workaround I have found useful is to use multiple display windows. It will still sometimes jump to the window running the program, but it is easier to tab to your other window than to try to quickly navigate the menu.

    SHIFT + DISP will give you multiple options.
    DISP will tab through your open windows.

    I am a relative newbie to robotic programming and i need some help with what will likely be a pretty complex task.

    I work with several robots that are run continuously over 3 shifts. There is a certain amount of control over who can Touch-up programs, though it's mostly the honor-system (no passwords), and those able to make adjustments are pretty good about recording their work. However, we do experience some issues with repeatability and we log a fair number of touch-ups.

    My question: is there a way to create an internal "change log" that records which PNS, which line, which point, and maybe the positional data?

    IDK, maybe this isn't possible, but any input is appreciated.

    Our robots are mostly ARC Mate100iC, using RJ3 TPs, with one older 100iBe. Our robots are not networked, unfortunately.

    EDIT: I just saw stare284's post about logbooks, which directed me to my user manual section about log books. I think I found what I need.

    Thanks keyboard7, that's definitely something worth trying. I'm new to this company (and FANUC, I learned on ABB) and I see a lot of room for improvement. Fine tuning the programs is definitely high on my list.

    Our Call_Safehome is at the end of the program. Would having it at both ends be helpful, or unnecessary?