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    support for motion in karel was discontinued in the 90's. using karel motion today is not a good idea at all (unless you like the motion from a 30 years old motion planner). as suggested several times here, it is better to use an existing interface like remote motion interface.

    VA files are not loadable, don´t waste your time with the strange structure of this one. Save the DIOCFGSV.IO from RG and load into your robot, enjoy. Take in mind that the i/O config is also included in this file, not only comments.

    Since the robot's cabin is away from the user

    I guess they don´t walk to the controller every time ^^

    As DS186 wrote buy that option , but also with that you can only jog with closed fence/doors.

    Second solution is a additional little cabinet with the mode switch inside, guess it is called "remote mode switch"...or something like this. It is available in 7,14,21 and 30 meter lenght. Have only the order numbers for R30iA

    Last solution: Safety Bus

    If you have some safety bus like Profinet Safe you can use safety signals for T1,T2,Auto without the switch.

    I have no problem with you or your post.

    i didn't mean to attack you. but we are talking about machines that cost tens of thousands. in my personal opinion, you should be careful with variables. there are some that can actually damage the machine or can trigger unexpected motions.

    C_hiney asked:

    How do you come up with the value to put into $SCR.$STARTUP_CND?

    Your answer:

    No idea, somehow test and tries :)

    Thats why i am ask why you post variables without to know what they do...

    So it would be realy nice if you can explain us the effect of $SCR.$STARTUP_CND

    We all want to learn.

    Nothing will happen, after INIT start mastering of robot is gone!

    At least you have to restore the file from your backup.

    67003 means that:

    HOST-003 File does not exist
    Cause: The file you are trying to open or copy does not exist on this device.
    Remedy: Open or copy a file that exists on the device.

    Seems that your path/device is wrong, i guess the build-in try to load it from the last known device when not specified (in your case Teach Pendant USB-Port = UD1:\).

    Description from Karel manual:

    LOAD Built-In Procedure
    Purpose: Loads the specified file
    Syntax : LOAD (file_spec, option_sw, status)
    file_spec specifies the device, name, and type of the file to load.

    the device is missing in your code!

    Ok dudes, i will bring you some light in the dark.... :yesyesyes:

    There are 2 basic software options in the system software
    FRL PARAMS for Europe (R651)
    (Not sure which one they will use in Asia or other countries)

    Content of FRL PARAMS (EUROPE)
    J886 Servo Gun High Speed Option
    R696 Extended User Frames
    J541 Password Function
    J609 Space Check
    J770 PC Interface
    J775 Robot Simulator
    R626 Web Enhancements
    PRXY HTTP Proxy Server
    IPNL Soft Panel
    R553 HMI Device (SNPX)
    R663 Constant Path
    R666 Arc Advisor
    R528 Disp 2nd analog port

    J547 RIA Standard Safety
    R665 Diagnostics
    R664 Help
    J886 Servo Gun High Speed Option
    R696 Extended User Frames

    As you can see we get much more basic options in europe. Constant Path is one of this!

    This example is for R30iA!!!

    Variable for F number is : $FNO
    No need for CTRL Start to change this.

    Looks like you loaded the file from the other robot. ($FNO Variable should be in there).

    Of course you can use Karel and TPE. Make your communication with Karel and the motion with TPE.
    Karel motion support and development was stopped in 1995, it is not recommended to use Karel motion any more.