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    There is a product for that as well - YasXfer. We just had one installed to a DX200, but it is supported by all Yaskawa controllers.
    I have massive JOBs with tons of arithmetics used, so I had a lot of remaining step memory but ran out of memory in general.
    I have the JOBs sorted into groups - one group for one product. I can have up to 3 groups in the controller at once.
    So now the operator starts the master job, the robot makes sure what product is on the table and if it doesn't have the jobs for it, it uses LOADJ instructions to load the necessary group of JOBs. If there's already 3 groups of JOBs in the controller (so there isn't memory for the 4th) it will use DELETEJ to delete a group from the controller. It will delete a group that is used the less (I have counters for all groups). This way the operator still doesn't have to load anything manually and the robot uses the least time for loading.
    Yaskawa Finland actually worked on getting the CF card to work with LOADJ instruction to solve my memory issue but as far as I know they didn't get it to work together with iCube we have on the robot. I'm pretty sure they found a way to use it on a robot without external network devices though. The CF card would have been way cheaper.
    That ever the solution - it will have to be an external device.

    I your case, to change all the ARCON or ARCOF commands I'd use Notepad+. There is a replace feature for such a thing. You can open many programs at once and replace all in all open documents.

    I actually set my welding parameters in an ARCON-XX JOB that I call for where needed.

    For example:
    MOVL V=300

    In an ARCON JOB (and I have more than 20 different) I have:
    Description of the weld and where it's used
    Power source memory channel selection
    Weaving command (if used)
    Commarc (if used)
    Timer (if used)

    So if I want to change a certain weld in all of my programs, I just change the ARCON job in question. So I can change lets say hundreds of welds at once.

    Also in an ARCOF JOB I have:
    Weaving off
    Commarc off
    Arc off

    I have gone through all job lists, including trash job list. Thrash job list would be logical but it doesn't hold macro jobs. I turned undelete function off as soon as I found the ghost jobs as I've never used it anyway.
    I'm using folder and yes I've looked into them all.
    The robot is not connected via ethernet.


    Somewhy I have some deleted jobs stored in the DX200 memory. I only see them when I'm making a backup onto USB. They are all named _DELXXX (XXX being a number) and they are all macro jobs. I want to erase them from the robot hoping to free up some memory but I can't locate them. As I said I can only see them when making backups. Any suggestions?

    Also - if I put a CF card into the pendant, can I then use somekind of command in a job to load specific jobs from the CF to the robot? I tested that DELETEJ does delete a specific job, does LOADJ then load it or what is it for?

    I'm also open to other ideas to free up some memory. I have a lot of free steps but memory itself is running out as I have a lot of arithmetics in use.

    I did talk to local Yaskawa representative and they said that internal memory can be expanded but it seems it'll take some time til they come and do it.


    I don't know about e-mail. Maybe there is a way to do it but I can't think of any easy way.
    What we've done is connect an old cell phone with keypad and speed dial to the robot's outputs via two pairs of wires that are soldered to the phone's PCB. One triggers key "3" which has the operator's number under speed dial and the other triggers the red (cancel) key. A Yaskawa representative made a ladder for it so that when this so-called "GSM feature" is enabled the robot makes a call every time it stops for whatever reason. When it is started again impulses are sent to the red (cancel) key to clear the screen from the previously selected number "3". It's quite primitive but it works.

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