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    There are two ways to set up the rail. As "external axis" or "integrated rail". Depending on the setup the DCS will stay relative to the rail or Robot. I can't remember for sure but I think DCS zones stay relative to the rail with the "integrated rail" option. This is configured in Controlled start<Menu<Maintenance<extended axis control

    Do you need the GPM tool? When ever I have used circle finder it is by itself, not as a child to the GPM. If you need the GPM maybe just temporarily move Circle finder up a level so it isn't a "child", do the trouble shooting, make adjustments, then make it the "child" again.

    Hello, I am creating a line tracking cell in roboguide. The robot is on a rail controlled with extended axis. I have the tracking schedule set up as rail tracking. I can get everything to work using linear moves but it is not allowing me to use joint moves.(TRAK-001)

    According to the manual you should be able to use joint moves when rail tracking. What am I missing? Anyone have any experience with this?



    They pretty much just make welding robots so they are optimized for just that, everything is done with welding in mind. (like buying a multipurpose manual welder vs a dedicated tig welder... if all your doing is TIG then the dedicated machine will be the better choice) They use their own power source and waveforms which I found to be good. I don't know for sure but i think they are fairly reasonable price wise too.

    They also make their own positioners that interface nicely with the robot.

    I have used ABB, Fanuc and Motoman. If it came down to specifically welding I'd take a Panasonic over the others.


    I'm having a problem with a couple spot welding robots my company is integrating.

    When we run the cell in "WELD MODE" everything is fine, PLC gets weld completes from the Bosch timer so I know the BG logic I'm using for the weld completes is correct.

    When we try to dry cycle the robot in "NO WELD MODE" some of the robots get "SPOT-008 Weld Complete Timeout Fault".

    We noticed if we enable "sim weld IO" under the "TEST CYCLE>SPOT WELD" the robot will continue but this creates another problem. When we enable "sim weld IO" the PLC no longer sees the weld complete signals and puts a hold on the robot because it thinks its missing welds.

    We have quite a few other robots in the same cell that don't have this problem. They can run in "NO WELD MODE" with "Sim weld IO" disabled and the PLC gets the weld completes. I have compared everything everything I can think of between the two robots (weld interface, io interconnects, cell interface, spot config, spot equipment, BG logic,) and nothing seems to be different.

    Any one ever experienced this or have any ideas on something i might be missing? Any help is appreciated




    Does anyone know how to export large roboguide cells into a format that can be used in solidworks? I noticed under file>export there is a option to export the cell to iges however whenever I try this the loading bar pops up then a few minutes later roboguide will crash and close the cell.

    Anybody know any tricks to do this?

    I'm trying to do this so our designers can easily make a layout. Right now we use the "Export Object Position to CSV" option. This works but is tedious and leaves room for error.


    Are you using user frames? If so record your user frame data before the shift in positions then compare that to the user frame data after the shift in positions. Are they different?

    I tried this out on a couple robots V8.30/40. A few things I noticed though...

    - ref positions for groups 2-8 did not copy over
    - The user frames copied over but with no decimal places, not a huge deal
    - The tool frame data did not transfer correctly. It appears to have copied over data that I used to have set (months ago). At the time I made the log file utool_x=-107. when I restored from the log file utool_x came in as -110. I had -110 in there at one point in time but like I said not when I created the log file.
    - menu>system>config nothing seemed to transfer for this menu
    - The Host comm data did not seem to copy over
    - Payload did not copy over correctly. Like tool frame it seemed to copy old data.
    - UALM's copied no issue
    - Axis limits copied no issue

    This was done by creating the log file from a Roboguide cell and restoring it on a actual robot.

    If you have a PLC you could add the following logic to all 4 robot's programs before the [END] line:


    The PLC would be programmed so that it gives the DI to all 4 robots only if it has the DO from all 4 robots.



    SET_VAR(entry, '*SYSTEM*', '$DPM_SCH[1].$GRP[1].$BI_CH[1].$BUMP_RATE', RVALUE, STATUS)

    OK I think that is what I did. What I was having trouble with is for some reason I thought the variable that "GET_REG" stored to was the "REGISTER:INTEGER" variable.

    Then I found that in order to get the above code to work you had to have a decimal number in the register. 10.1 will work, but 10 will not.

    Can you explain why if behaves like this? whats the difference/significance between "REGISTER:INTEGER" and "RVALUE:REAL" in the GET_REG line.

    The manual says

    • RFLAG is set to TRUE and RVALUE to the register content if the specified register has a real
    value. Otherwise, RFLAG is set to FALSE and REGISTER is set to the contents of the register.

    I understand that as: If the value is a integer store the result in REGISTER if its a real number store it in RVALUE. but when I enter a integer number in the register and use REGISTER in the SET_VAR line it doesn't work.


    So I want to set a variable from a TP program but my problem is the Variable name is too long to use the $...=.... instruction.

    So I found this Karel code that seems to be working



    SET_VAR(entry, '*SYSTEM*', '$DPM_SCH[1].$GRP[1].$OFS[1].$INI_OFS', 10.0, STATUS)

    However instead of changing the variable to 10.0 I want to reference a register.

    I'm trying to use the Karel reference manual to figure it out but i have never used Karel before so I'm not getting very far.

    Can someone show me the code I need to do this?


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