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    hi Runis86,
    3 months back when I started my job i had the same problem. there is no such possibility to learn online.
    best thing you can do is download roboguide it's a simulation tool from fanuc and 30days you can use without license and based on the controller and robot your company has you can create virtual cell.

    it would take hardly 10 days if you are familiar with other industrial robot.

    for any other support feel free to contact. :dance2:

    hello every one,
    i am new to use kuka robot . and i have a question in which sequence i should do calibrate the tool frame and base frame. till now i used numerical method first base frame and then tool frame , but when i wanted to use offset , robot program behaved in other way then i expected .

    i wanted to move all around the cube and later i gave offset of 100mm and expected to move robot in the previous manner just 100 mm in offset but it didn't .

    so it will be helpful for me if i can get an idea what i can do .

    thanks !!

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