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    Has anyone here received this error before? I've tried installing WeldPRO as admin. I followed all the proper installation steps. When I either create a new cell or open an existing one, I still receive the error attached. The only other thing I can see that might cause a discrepancy, would be firewall blocking. Since my company runs a 3rd party firewall program (symantec) I feel that maybe stopping it. Currently awaiting confirmation from Fanuc and our corporate IT office but wanted to hop on here to clarify.

    I ended up running my logic inside PMC so everything is hidden. BG triggers a DO on. Inside PMC, when the Push Button Start DI is pressed that same DO will reset. BG is supposed to turn it back on. If not, I set it to trigger an alarm.

    RobotCoder, valid point on the I forgot all about that. Sometimes they don't delete out of the TP, they just stop the program in BG. I wanted a way to capture this.

    I thought about pulsing a DO in the BG program, then writing a script in ladder to trigger a UALM when that DO stops pulsing since they're not familiar with ladder in the first place. I'm not sure if it would work though.

    If you're trying to change the direction it weaves, then you need to change the Azimuth setting. If you do not have that option under your weave schedule detail, then you will need to obtain a PAC code from Fanuc.

    I have a few things added in BG that has been essential but some of our team members beg to differ. I know it’s a shot in the dark but is there any way to capture data when someone goes into BG Logic and stops and/or clears out a program from that list? For example, got logic in place that prevents operators from resetting collisions. I would like to be able to see who stops that program from running.

    I was able to solve it.

    I ran a different proxy to the I/O block just to ensure their work was correct. This one stayed solid. Never heard of a proxy that was set to pulse but learn something new everyday.

    Thanks a bunch for your input on the situation HawkME

    Yeah, I meant PMC ladder inside the robot. I've never ran a meter to it but they told me they replaced the proxy twice with the same ending result.

    Not too familiar with the DI configuration. I compared it to a duplicate robot cell that we run. The Rack & Slot match correctly.

    I have 2 Proxys (connected to the same I/O block) that are pulsing when they are made. They replaced the I/O block a while back, but the issue resumed. I tried switching the proxy connections on the I/O block to an unused space to ensure the replaced block was not bad but the pulse would follow which lead me to believe it is a configuration issue. After pulling Ladder and running a cross reference, I was not able to locate the 2 DI’s. Since these are only used for part check verification, I would expect them to be inside the Ladder but wanted to double check.

    Do you have any other suggestions that I might be overlooking?

    Greetings everyone.

    Would anyone be able to shed some light on how the ZDT option works? Is it compatible with R-30iA and R-30iB models? Is it worth the money?

    What controller are you using? I run welding as well. We have the same problem with R-30iA & R-30iB's. COORD & Circle moves run slower than usual in T1. They seemed to have resolved the problem on R-30iB+

    So, I thought I figured out what I did wrong.

    My group mask for Torch Clean was set to 1,*,*,*,*,*,*,* which of course is only using the robot. I created a new program just with the positioner rotation & set the group mask to *,1,*,*,*,*,*,* for group 2 (my positioner) but I am still receiving the same fault. I've attached updated pictures for better clarification.

    I can only attach one picture with this reply. I will have 2 more to follow.