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    I have a couple of questions regarding plane spacing in the iRVision camera calibration setup. I am doing a robot generated grid which has it set right away to 100mm plane spacing. How does this number affect the calibration? Also what is the point of having 2 planes?

    Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, I'm just trying to better wrap my head around the calibration process and how all the features tie into each other. Thanks!

    I am experiencing some difficulties in setting up my camera for robot generated grid calibration. I have an overhead camera above a unit I will be picking parts out of. I am trying to setup a robot generated grid in the space between the picking area and the camera, say a foot or so above the picking area. My issue is when I have the camera focused in on the part and I go to start teaching the target I can't because the target is blurry and unfocused. When I focus in on the target and then look at a part the part is blurry. My question is would I be okay to focus on the target to get through the target generation/calibration, and then adjust the focus back after it's completed to get a clear part image? Would adjusting focus after calibration ruin my cal-data?

    Hey all, I loaded a project from a backup onto roboguide and am getting a few DCS errors.

    These are the errors I am receiving:

    SRVO-409 DCS SSO Servo Disconnect 1,1
    SRVO-406 DCS SSO SVOFF input 1,1
    SRVO-408 DCS SSO Ext Emergency Stop 1,1

    Any help on getting these to go away would be much appreciated.

    there were a few bugs in early 8.3.... It is up to rev M
    But 9 is out and so far I have not had issues, but if you don't have a universal license, get 8.3 rev M

    I have the Rev M version of 8.3 and it still does not allopw me to create a cell using the backup. Do you think version 9 would allow me to do so? When I try to create the cell from the backup it prompts me to open a v8.2 setup which I do not have and cannot find.

    I am having this same issue. How do I revert roboguide to v8.20? When I try to create the program a screen pops up saying to run the FRVRC V8.20 Setup, however I do not believe I have this.

    From what I can tell, all of these errors seem to have stemmed from a power off/on I did yesterday. I did not notice until today however. These are some of the errors I am receiving.

    SRVO-012 Power Failure Recovery
    INTP-127 Power Fail Detected
    PRIO-230 EtherNet/IP Adapter Error (1)
    PRIO-231 Ethernet/IP Adapter Idle
    DNET-055 Board or network error: Bd 1
    DNET-102 Invalid board MAC Id
    SRVO-300 Hand broken/HBK disabled
    HOST-178 Router Address Not Defined

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because frankly, I am at a loss.

    I accidentally turned on my latch output when the tool changer was not fully connected to the EOAT, now I can not get the tool changer to unlatch itself so I can connect it to the EOAT. I've tried running through the program and also manually turning the Digital Output for the unlatch feature on and off but to no avail. Anybody on here have any experience with these tool changers and know why this is happening?

    I am using autocal & it runs the IRVBKLSH program. My max error value isn't horrible, I think my worst is 2.1pix. But I'd like to get them all closer to 0. I was just curious if maybe anybody knew of any ways to reduce this. I have tried a few things like messing with the exposure of changing the intital position around. Nothing seems to really get it lowered though. I am starting to think maybe it is a little too shaky on some of the far points since the target is on a 3 foot pole extended off of the EOAT.

    I am currently in the process of calibrating 8 cameras with 2 robots using the Robot-Generated Grid Cal. Tool. Each robot has 4 cameras associated with it and they are all set up in a horizontal line. I have an extension tool on my EOAT so the robots can reach all of the cameras. I have got them all calibrated with decent error values. My minimum error values are all under 1. My maximum error value differs a little more which is discerning. The maximum error ranges from around .8-2 on Robot 1, and around 1-2.1 on Robot 2. I'd like to get the maximum error value on all of my calibrations to below 1 if possible. Any tips on how to do so would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Hey all, so I am having trouble downloading the Vision UIF Controls from the robot webpage. I have added the IP address to the trusted sites and turned off all firewalls. I am using IE 11. I download & run the VISCTRLS file, allow it to make changes and as soon as it starts to install it stops and I get an error on the bottom of the homepage screen saying "A problem with this webpage caused Internet Explorer to close and repopen the tab" and shortly after the installer closes and a command prompt appears then runs through some code real quick and disappears. Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.