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    Well, I tried to do a controller backup by holding the PREV and NEXT buttons , then going to MAINTENANCE -> CONTROLLER BACKUP; however, then i went to do the backup on my windows xp, It told me "This function is not implemented yet" and I wasn't able to do a backup. Is there another way to do a backup or how could I solve this to let me do a back up.

    Sorry, for some reason robot-forum wont let me post another picture at this moment, I will try to post the servo screen when I can. Also, it would seem that the RJ3 uses floppy, or at least the one iI have. Now, I don't have any floppy disk or drive, but I have a windows xp computer with kfloppy, would this work for an image backup. Thanks for all the help everyone.

    I tried this, and it worked out fine, but after I did the cold start and checked the my robot configuration, there still was a 7th axis. I tried to do it again and when I went to delete the 2nd group, it said that there was no axis to delete.

    All of the safety signals are false except for TP enable. The deadman safety signal seems to be backward from what it is supposed to be as when I don't grasp it, it is true, but when I grasp it, it is false. Could this be a problem? Also, there is a 7th axis. I tried tp diable it by following this:…remove/msg54925/#msg54925 but it didn't remove the axis. Is there another way to disable an axis without software. Thnaks.

    Hello everyone,

    I am having some troubles with my robot. I have an RJ3 controller system (2 separate boxes, not sure how else to put it) with an Arc Mate 100i robot. Right now I am getting the alarm SRVO--105 SVAL1 Door open or E. Stop and I can't figure out the problem for the life of me. The door switch was jumped from the previous owners and is still jumped correctly I think. I have tracked the E-stop line and have jumped everything on TBOP4 and 5 and have jumped everything on TBOP3 except for the external on switch. Everything is getting power on the line except the 3 emgout pins which i have jumped together. I have tried 2 different teach pendants and TP wires to make sure it wasn't them and both give me this alarm. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Yes, the operator box separated from the controller; however, the controller is not mounted to the robot. The door switch was jumped when I first got it, and is still jumped now.

    Sorry for the late reply, just got the new pendent yesterday. I also jumped all the safety signals for the fence and external E-stops as I am not using them. Now after I made all of these jumps, it gives me the alarm SRVO--105 SVAL1 Door open or E. Stop. Could this be cause by a jumper that I don't have in. Right now I just have the controller and the robot and nothing else connected to it. Also, the numbers match up and I don't have any other robots at this moment.

    Both alarms come up if the teach pendant is on or off; however, when we push the TP e-stop, the SVRO-207 alarm goes away. Also, do you know of anyway to test the TP to see if it is bad. Thanks for the help.

    Hello everyone, I have just got an RJ3 controller with an Arc Mate 100i. I managed to get it set up and get most of the alarms cleared, but now I am getting 2 alarms that i can't clear. These alarms are SRVO-207 TP Switch abnormal or Door open and SYST-042 Deadman defeated. Both of these alarms point towards the teach pendent or the TP connection wire. I have 2 TP wires and tried them both, but both set off the same alarms. I am getting a new TP soon; however, if anyone could help me do some test to make sure it is the TP and not something else then that would help a ton. Thanks to anyone willing to help out.

    Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply, I was out for the day. I went to fanuc but the price for just 2 manuals are a little high for us. I have the RJ-3 system with the Arc mate 100i. I found the RJ3ib manuel but that won't help us seeing as the insides and wiring is completely different, thanks for the try though. I just wanted to see if anyone could even point me to a place to buy them if even because we can't even find that.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Hello everyone, I have just got a new robot at my school and am now trying to set it up. It is an Arc Mate 100i with an RJ3 controller. The problem is, it didn't come with manuals and I can not find them at all. I have spent 3 days looking online for them trying to buy them from someone with no luck. If anyone knows where to get these manuals, please tell me, i have had no luck finding them but not giving up yet. Thanks to anyone willing to help.

    I am a student working an old S10 robot with an R-J Controller and I am now having the problem of SRDY on axis 2. I had to reload the software on the robot, but before I reloaded the software the robot was working fine. The controller has 1/4, 2/5, and 3/6 axis on the same amps. I have tested the 100A wire to 100B wire voltage and it was fine. I also tested the wire from the amp to the axis control PCB and it was fine. I also changed the Servo Interface with another on the same axis control PCB and the problem stayed at the same axis. The robot is not mastered because of the reload of the software, could that be the cause? I don't believe it is the amp, as again, it worked before the software reload. Any feedback you have would be nice, thanks in advanced.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I figured it out. I wasn't starting the R-J Controller in control mode and instead just starting it up after an init start. Once I held down USER PB#1 and PB#2 and started the controller that way, it would go though the entire install.