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    I'm sending an argument from the coordinator to the tpe program (Call xxx(R[x]).
    In the 'sub' tpe programs I check this argument against a value, given from the coordinator task.
    If it is ok, then I jump to the 'execution part' of the subprogram.
    If not I give an error message on screen and ask for selecting the right program.

    So I can prevent my tpe- programs from beeing selected and executed without the right information....

    I don't know what kind of programs you have in use, but in my machines I had this behaviour (Frozen iPendant) when there are too many task's are working.
    So I just increased $maxNumTasks....

    Even with a trial version of roboguide running out of date you can compile Karel and TPE. For Karel compilation you don't need a virtual robot created. This is only for TPE.
    The robot.ini (Project folder) has to be set correctly and the win- system paths have to be OK.

    The first message was something about missing 'ev'. I'm not familiar with vision, but you should check if the file is present in your WinOlpc / Versions / support folder.

    Here is a robot.ini of mine. Fit it to your needs (Robot, Suppport and Output only for TPE)...




    Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\FANUC\WinOLPC\Versions\V930-1\bin



    In my programs I can't avoid these positions because everything is calculated by the product dimensions.

    For me I'm using three strategies:
    In Karel: Checking the posiition after calculation
    In TPE: Using WristJoint (As written above)

    And least: Unsing the singularity Avoidance Feature for the Fanuc

    "The computer that has the client socket is connected to Internet."

    What do you do if somebody is hurt by robot movements, caused by hackers?
    Will be a nice talk with the insurance company ;)

    All our machines are protected by industrial security security routers, usinf VPN, port filtering and so on.
    Just as written above...

    I'm more with Karel (or a combination of Karel and TPE).
    I have set up a set of work- zones. In addition I also use TPE- registers for checking which part of the job the robot is working on (Not the single motion).
    In my case: Palletizing; Simplified: Part jobs are 'Get product from pickup' and 'Put product to pallet'

    When starting up I check at which zone the robot is. Depending on the zone i use special routines to move the robot to a safe zone where he can start up.
    When the 'homing' is done, I start the standard routines, but giving them the information at which part of the whole job the robot was stopped.

    Takes some time, but it is safe...

    With this option the robot slows down while travelling through singularities.
    You activate it in the header of your TPE- program,.

    Sometimes it helps to rotate the robot a little (J1).

    Currently i'm also working with a robot where I have to use the option :(