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    We are using KSP 40 from the picture in attachment.
    I do not know load and speed until tomorrow, default motor file had 32A max current. Can I make changes in default file?
    But the program and load cant be changed, so we should probably upgrade drive to 64A one, if we have same problem after change to 40A in file?

    Hi everybody,

    I have problem with my external axis. When E stop is applied we have overcurrent fault on 7th axis.
    Are there any parameters that i can look up?
    Axis is not made by KUKA but it's using KUKA motor. Motor is MG_360_180_30_S0.
    Customer is using older version of WoV so both of the parameters circled in picture are default because it is not in catalogue.
    Thing is urgent.

    Thank you for your help

    Thank you for your help guys, I read this manual but i will put more attention on what SkyeFire wrote.
    I should have some new info about this project in few days, sorry if information are little confusing.

    Sorry, for the bad info. Here is what I know:
    -Vkrc4 8.2.29
    -KR420 R3330
    With kinematic integration. 3rd party axis with KUKA motor, but it can't be seen from controller because it's 8.2 version. So i have to input motor data somehow.
    On site we have everything already installed mechanically, my job is to integrate it and let the guys program it for customer.

    I hope this gives you more info.

    We had painting application in my previous firm, for cleaning of the paint inside the gun or in case the paint have to be changed (color red for color blue for example), there was subprogram that was executed after every painting job. This subprogram was executed externally via PLC, but what u need to know is that it used SPYON and SPYOF instruction. One SPYON would open a pneumatic valve for that RED color which is than inserted in the pump and so on until it gets out of the spray gun. When you want to clean gun, another SPYON instruction would open a solvent valve and the solvent would go through the same pipe line as paint and go out of the spray gun. Then it would clean it with air, and open valve for color BLUE. All the parameters were added externally by the painting application supplier software. I hope this have some sense to you. :icon_eek:

    Hello all,

    I have some knowledge of kuka robots from my previous job as a maintenance operator.
    It's pretty much the basic stuff, on my new job I have to stand in for colleague who is our kuka guy.
    He gave me some training about that topic and went to other job site.
    Basically my question is, do someone have experience with implementing external linear axis.
    From his training i learned how to enable axis in mada file and how to setup parameters for axis and kinematics on teachpad.
    It doesn't seem that hard but I'm far from expert so every help would be good.
    The rest of programming is on the other company we as a supplier of external axis should just implement it.
    I read manuals about that topic that I found on forum but some on hand experience is always better for learning.
    Also axis have kuka motor on it but it's not visible so parameters are inserted in default motor file, that part is not so clear to me also.

    Sorry for the long post please :help: and thank you all