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    Thank you all for the fast answers.

    panic mode:
    The drop means lost then, and all axis. Sometimes just A3-A6 but most common all axis.

    Yes, the earth bond is correct even we called KUKA GMBH and they came to approved it.

    The history is simple 15 years worked in Sindelfingen, 6 In Kecskemét and now this problem occures. Till this time (it means 3 months ago) it worked well.
    Got no other message, just the mastering lose, and the motion enable stop message.
    This robot is a handling robot, and not even overloaded. 3 welders, and a glueing station next to this robot.
    Not yet gotten any common factor, once even came this problem, when we got back from lunch pause, and the robot lose mastering in his standing state.

    Thanks for the encoder check, we will try that. maybe the other 3 welders do some problem.

    We will start to separate this robot from the welders, or maybe we change the robotbox with another from another line. Who knows, maybe this problem will disappear on that line, and the place got some kind of "static disturbance".


    I got a really intresting problem here. I got an old KRC2 (reuse) [KR2210; KSS Version: V4.1.7 SP09 MB4.00.01].

    The problem is that, every day we got 3-4 stops because the Robot drop's the "Mastering".

    We tried to separate the cables in the cableconduit, so then the high voltage cabel won't make disturbence. No success. We built in Ferrite rings, but still the problem unsolved. As last try we made electric noise filtering, by correlation Technik (we ask an external company), but we got nothing usefull as a result.

    Any hint what could it be?

    (PS: I attach the generated DSE-RDW tool log, and an arhive)


    Comes from that before the maintenance team call me about the stop, they opened in the cell. That's why there is the error message.

    Please ignore that message, because that is not there when the error comes. I will ask then again if the error comes do not open the cell's door, and send me a picture.

    Anyway thanks for the advices.

    Hello All,

    I got a serious problem.

    So the problem:
    Some time in random time my KRC2 reuse Robot (KSS Version: V4.1.7 SP09 MB4.00.01), stops. Not even any failure message just stopped. When check PLC no problem with the programe, nor the Robot programe. Non of them send error message, but can't restart the programe.

    cancel the submit Interpreter, and start it back. After this everything is good and started as normally.

    Any hint what could be the problem(s)? :help:

    (I got no Picture, cause nothing seen on the communication panel.)

    Hello All,

    One of our KRC205ed Robot stopped for notaus, for no reason. When we look on the message window we saw this message:

    "08:39:17 Internal Fehler (Datei: wait_for.c Zeile: 928, Wert HFFFFFFFF)" (<- also Picture included, I know it is german, but this is Default here)

    Any hint what could be this? After a Coldstart everything get back in normal, but I don't know if there is any hiding error behind this. That's why I ask for your help.

    Look Forward for your help in it, and thank you all, for giving a hint.

    Hello All,

    we wanted to test a reuse KRC205ed Robot interbus modul. We connect all components load up the KUKA Software, all modul run in green, then this failure message Comes (Picture added).

    The funny Thing is that, we can switch the OUTs, and the moduls run green, but the error message still on Screen.

    We tried tor Regenerate the SVC file, also make reconfiguration, and restart, but nothing changed.

    Any hint from anyone would be well appriciated.

    Thank you the hint Leon.

    We started to stare at the Robot cables, then we get a damaged robdata cable. We changed it, and maybe it was not the reason of the fail but yet the failures does not exist anymore.

    Cheers mate :beerchug:

    So for Archive:

    I open data, and archive. Then press to make archive on "D". The procedure goes, then the Robot said archive done. When I try to check on "D" there is no new archive.

    The remaster and the Office boot up.

    Yup I tried the batteries with multimeter, 27V on each, so might be not that's the problem. But also yet the last time I restarted the robot I do not have to remaster it. So it could be this is a one in a million case.
    Anyway the second problem that it started as an Office pc (KRC_Muster), that was also not done by the robot.

    So momentan it is works well, except the archive, but I just want to know if there is any Explanation for that why is a configured Robot starts as a KRC_Muster, and if the batteries are ok, why it is lost the mastering.

    But this archive makeing does not make any sense for me.

    Hello Leon

    so the Problem was, I can't make a new Archive.

    I made many times a restore on this Robot, and never let me down, but for a 2 month it has no failure, so I haven1t realize the Archive making do not works, until this time.

    And yes the Robot starts as normal, no Problem in it. Only that when the Robot started up, the KUKA HMI loaded as normal then, after I saw that I must remaster all axis, then for Robot Name I saw KRC_Muster, and I did not Change in the SVC, or any else. It started like this. And that's why I'm questioning how could it be?

    Hello all,

    I got a big problem. I got an old KRC2 (5ed 5.3.19 soft version). Yesterday, the archive does not want to work, so I made a Kaltstart.

    Instead of something good happend, the robot starts as KRC_Muster (office pc). :stupid:

    Anyone can help for me, how could this happend, and why? In the log there is nothing that shows me why this happend.
    Also but it is a small info, after the start I have to remater all axis.

    I look forward for the answers. Thanks a lot all.