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    Does wire needs to be touching the piece to be weld at the moment that ARCON comes on, i mean what happends if it isnt touching the piece at that moment? Should it only feed more wire or give an error on arc confirm?

    Hi, about that - wire shouldn't touch piece before you turn ARCON - it may cause arc failure error - arc welding depends on "arc" so distance on start point of joint between piece and end of wire has to exist. From my experience distance between contact tip and piece usually is around 15-20mm - that gives you quite good arc and enough gas amount on joint.
    ARCON instruction in normal conditions turn on simultaneously ARC, feeder and gas.

    Summarizing - welding process may looks like that :
    1. Robot is in start position of joint - distance between contact tip and joint is around 15-20mm
    2. Turn on ARCON( arc, feeder,gas) - (when wire moves closer to piece, arc should start burning - that's why during ARCON instruction wire is feed continuous - gas is for protection and quality of welding)
    3. Move to end position and turn ARCOFF

    Hope it helps. Don't hesitate to ask more.

    Thanks for the suggestion. However, I'm not that sure it's possible to call a byte register or other register from a CALL:JOB instruction.

    It is completely possible. In attachment you can see all possible way to use CALL instruction. In my opinion to make it more visible inside job you can just add a comment with description before calling job. You can also start each type of action with different number i.e. for welding "1X" where X is number of a die, for pick and place "2X" etc.

    Try to use JET instruction. I mande Thiago with onde byte for each jig.

    You can also use JET instruction. I'm not confident about that, but probably name of job which is registered in Job Registration Table won't be visible next to instruction because B000 is variable. Example:

    CALL JET#(1) ENTRY=B000 // D1_WELD ?

    You can find more details about CALL instruction in Inform II User’s Manual, 150078-1CD

    You can rename jobs to numbers i.e. 1;2;12;15.
    Then you can call job B001 - in this way you will call job of name equal to value of B001.

    "CALL JOB: B001" if B001 is equal to 10 you will call job named "10"

    Hi again.
    I'm still struggling with that.
    Only thing related to problem I found is "S2C195: SECURITY MODE WHEN CONTROL POWER SUPPLY IS TURNED ON" but as description says, by this parameter I can set only with which security level robot starts, when power is turned from OFF to ON state.
    I'm looking for something related to switching operation mode on TP by key. From TEACH to REMOTE and backwards. Right now when i'm turning key, security mode change automatically. I'd like to disable this.

    Looking forward for response :)

    I have annoying problem connected to switching operation mode from REMOTE to TEACH and backwards.
    Everytime when i'm changing that mode and try to change something i need to type password for security mode(EDIT\MANAGEMENT\SAFETY) because robot is in OPERATION security mode.
    If i remember it correct there is a way to disable that switching. Is it a parameter or it's somewhere in setup?(DX200) Thank's for help.

    Hi, I have some doubts about that and that's why i'm asking.

    To detect collisions during operations of robot we are using SHOCK DETECTION, levels of that detection are set in few condition files. I don't have problem with that. My problem is OFFSET which is added to that levels by robot.

    What I found in Yaskawa manuals, quote :

    "To adjust to the change in the grease viscosity at a cold
    start, the offset value is automatically added to DETECT
    LEVEL until the robot has operated for a certain period of
    Thus, at a cold start, the shock detection will be performed
    only when the value is more than or equal to the sum of
    DETECT LEVEL and the offset value.
    The offset value varies depending on the manipulator type."

    165292-1CD, rev 12 , page 170

    I totally understand why it is necessary and it's normal.

    I'm checking robots on line for some time and from my observations I can tell you that every time after we start first shift robots are working with offset. It's easy to confirm by comparing shock detection condition files with current detection level on EACH AXIS LEVEL (CURRENT) window .

    My questions are:

    1. We are working only two shifts per day, is it possible that robot is adding offset because of 8 hours brake(no operation, movement during night)?
    2. If no.1 is true - after how many hours(min.) without operations, restart of robot is consider as COLD START?
    3. How long manipulator needs to work with offset, what is that "certain period of
    time"? (manipulator type: MS165)

    Thanks in advance!

    You can use GETREG instruction. Use register number as source and INTEGER variable as destination. Only I Variable number/LI Variable number/I [Array
    number]/LI [Array number].